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Daily Data Science Quiz to crack Data Science Interview | Day 4

Statistics questions for Data Science interview
On day 4 we will look into some very common but important concepts asked in Data Science interview.
You are asked questions with the expectation that you have multiple approaches to come up with an answer.
You will get a glimpse of it in the SQL, Python and Guesstimate question which we have posted today.

Do try to answer as many approaches as possible.
Create your account if you have not created already and try to solve at least 10-15 questions perday

Statistics questions for Data Science interview

SQL – Get third highest salary from employees table using at least 3 different method
Python – Sort a list with and without using sort() function
Machine Learning – What to do if you have 2 variables in a Linear Regression model with high multicollinearity ? How do you decide which one to remove from the model?
Statistics – Explain ROC curve with example or in simple terms
Guesstimate – How many Paan Shops are there in India?

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Statistics questions for Data Science interview

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