2200 Most Asked Analytics Interview Questions

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2200 Most Asked Analytics Interview Questions

This is going to be your one book that will be in your downloads folder for a long long time. Even if you are in 2nd year of college to 8 years of analytics or non-analytics experience, this book will help you crack analytics interviews in Product based companies.

We are a group of 30+ Analytics professionals with 8+ years of experience and we have jotted down all the important topics to make you a Full Stack Analytics Professional, we have created the complete path for you. All the most asked and important topics and concepts are covered in this book.

This is a completely new ebook and has ~2200 new interview questions.

How to read this book?

  • Pick a topic, suppose it is SQL, now there are 250 questions in this book and it will take you from very basics to intermediate+ level (good enough to crack interview)
  • Give it a complete read, even if you do not understand much
  • Make notes of the book, try to learn and understand the concepts in the second reading
  • In the third reading mark all the questions that you do not remember

We are here to make you clear interviews, so read -> understand -> learn -> repeat

After this, do try to take a couple of mock interviews (link below) and further services as per your requirement

In the below list of books, we have covered everything that will serve you well till you have at least 8 years of analytics experience. So, do not stop yourself and learn all the concepts.


Chapter                         Topic Questions
1 SQL 250
2 Python 200
3 Pandas 100
4 Numpy 100
5 Case Study and Guesstimate 100
6 Linear Regression 50
7 Logistic Regression 50
8 NLP 100
9 Decision Tree and Random Forest 100
10 K-mean and KNN 50
11 Power BI 110
12 Forecasting 100
13 Statistics and Data Processing 125
14 MS Excel 100
15 Big Data Technologies 100
16 AWS 100
17 Hadoop 100
18 Data Pipeline 50
19 Terminal Command 50
20 Regular Expression 50
21 CLTV 50
22 Shell 50
23 Machine Learning Topics 150


Our overall services:-

  1. Youtube Channel covering all the interview-related important topics in SQL, Python, MS Excel, Machine Learning Algorithm, Statistics, and Direct Interview Questions
    Link – The Data Monk Youtube Channel
  2. Website – ~2000 completed solved Interview questions in SQL, Python, ML, and Case Study
    Link – The Data Monk website
  3. E-book shop – We have 70+ e-books available on our website and 3 bundles covering 2000+ solved interview questions

➡️ For Fresher to 7 Years of Experience

2000+ interview questions on 12 ML Algorithm,AWS, PCA, Data Preprocessing, Python, Numpy, Pandas, and 100s of case studies

➡️For Fresher to 1-3 Years of Experience
Crack any analytics or data science interview with our 1400+ interview questions which focus on multiple domains i.e. SQL, R, Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Visualization

➡️ For 2-5 Years of Experience
1200+ Interview Questions on all the important Machine Learning algorithms (including complete Python code) Ada Boost, CNN, ANN, Forecasting (ARIMA, SARIMA, ARIMAX), Clustering, LSTM, SVM, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Sentiment Analysis, NLP, K-Mean 

  1. Mock Interviews
    Book a slot on Top Mate
  2. Career Guidance/Mentorship
    Book a slot on Top Mate
  3. Resume making and review
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2200 Most Asked Analytics Interview Questions