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Daily Quiz to Crack Data Science Interview | Day 1

Here we are with the Daily Quiz to Crack Data Science Interview.

No. of Days – 28
No. of participant registered till now – 460
No. of Questions – 140
No. of articles shared – 28
No. of free e-books – 4 (Every weekend to those who create an account on the website)
Topic – SQL, Python, Case Study, Machine Learning concepts, Statistics

All you need to do is to create your account on our website and start participating in the quiz. Upvote the correct answers.
Quiz to Crack Data Science Interview

Every Day we will share 5 questions, one each on SQL, Python, Statistics, Case Study and Machine learning algorithm. It will be accompanied with one article.
Ideally you should read as many articles as possible published on the website. But for the starters do read and answer the daily questions.
Also, it’s important for you to answer so that your approach can be checked. No one is here to judge you 😛

All these are the most asked questions, try to solve and read it in the order of the quiz. 

SQLCount of duplicate inputs 
PythonWhat are mutable and immutable data types?
Case StudyFor Uber the number of drivers and users increased by 10% but despite that the number of booking decreased by 10%, Why ?
StatisticsDifference between variance of population and sample
Machine Learning ConceptAssumptions of Linear Regression
ArticleConfusion Matrix in Simple Language

You can also go through the below article posted by SimpliLearn, it’s kind of good. You will get an overview of a few things

For any help, issues, resume overview, buying books, reviewing courses, etc. You can email us at or

Quiz to Crack Data Science Interview

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  1. List are mutable, Tuple is not mutable.

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