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Analytics interview questions
We have a group of 30+ mentors who are working in various product based companies around the world in Analytics domain. We asked them a very simple question, ‘What do you look for in a candidate before selecting him/her?’ , it was nothing philosophical like ‘We look for attitude, zeal, blah blah’
Following is the crus of the whole conversation:-
1. We look for people with sound knowledge of SQL
2. We look for people with logical understanding of Python and its working
3. Someone who can understand business and not only code
4. Someone who can think loud

This complete thing is captured in their 4-7 rounds of interviews, we have collated a series of interview questions according to companies. We do not intend to leak the question paper, thus we have not put the exact assignment.
All we want you to go through all the question papers like it’s your semester exam, read all the past year questions and you will be surprised to see the repetition of the concepts and questions.
Analytics interview questions

Snapdeal –
Jio –
E-Bay –
Dunzo –
PhonePe –
Nvidia –
Cred –
MasterCard –
American Express –
Walmart –
Barclay’s –
Lowe’s –
FactSpan –
MoonFrog Labs –
Oracle –
InMobi –
Zomato –
Ola –
McKinsey –
JP Morgan Chase –
Book My Show –
Big Basket –
Swiggy –
Flipkart –
Box8 –
Myntra –
Amazon –

Amazon and some other companies do check you on their leadership principles, you will find everything on our home page. Explore and Conquer 🙂

For any help, issues, resume overview, buying books, reviewing courses, etc. You can email us at or
We are pleased to inform that we have launched our Live Training session for anyone who wish to learn about Analytics domain. It was invite based for the last 3 batches. Now we are open to all.
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Analytics interview questions