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We at The Data Monk are looking forward to hire Online interns for a period of one month. The interns will have to work on the following domains:-
1. Content Creation
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Digital Marketing

This internship will award you with:-
1. A fixed compensation
2. An online presence of your internship validation
3. A copy of all our digital books
4. A certificate of internship

You can send your resume at or
Before sending your resume, explore the website, create your profile and understand our work. We are not exactly looking for a boring resume, you can very well email ‘How you can add value to The Data Monk’ and you are through 🙂

Our previous interns:-

Meet our interns:-

1. Misha Arora (TDM20191201)
2. Dhruv Garg (TDM20191202)
3. Tanishqa Rawlani (TDM20191203)
4. Himani Shah(TDM20200501)
5. Ashish Nigam(TDM20200501)
6. Hemrambh(TDM20200501)

Summer Internship-2020

1. Dhruv Garg – Data Science Content and Marketing
2. Ansh Sethi – Digital Marketing Intern

Do reach our to us.

Keep Learning 🙂

The Data Monk