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Python is one of the most popular language in the Analytics domain. There are multiple ways in which you can learn this language to prepare for any analytics domain career.
There are many courses which teaches Python questions for data science interviews.
We have interviewed a lot of candidates and we can surely say that people do freak out on simple, in fact very simple questions. And then there are obviously complex questions. The only thing which can help you get better is practice.

Below is a lot of question for at least a week to practice some basic and complex concepts in Python

1st Approach

Start with basic tutorial from any website like or may by tutorialspoint. And the move to some compilation of Youtube video to clear your concept. Lastly solve at least 200-300 questions on Data Structure, Pandas, Numpy, scikit and matplotlib to get comfortable with the language.
This will cost you nothing as all the above resources are free. But, you just need to be self-disciplined

2nd Approach

Join any course on udemy or coursera with good review. Even they have some good lectures. Then again solve 200-300 questions on your own.
This will cost you around 1000-5000 rupee.
You will have a structured idea about the language
Not much of a cost because the ROI could be way more
The course videos sometimes goes too deep in small topics or topics which are not that frequently used on the floor. It creates an illusion that ‘Python is difficult to learn’

No matter what approach you take, you need to solve at least 200-300 questions (ranging from beginners to intermediate level or may be advance level)
Only after completing these questions you should hop on creating models.

Here is a list of ~200 Python questions for data science interviews. Most of these are solved, go through the questions and solve the unsolved questions.
Before starting with the questions make sure to create your account at to answer these questions.

Solved Python Questions

Unanswered Python Questions

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Python questions for data science interviews
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Python questions for data science interviews