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Daily Quiz to Crack Data Science Interview | Day 3

Data Science interview questions
Total Quiz takers as on 25th May’2021 – 650
We have some of the very best approaches present in the attempted answers. While you solve the problem do go through all the proposed answer and try to figure out what is wrong with whose approach and upvote the most optimized answer. This will increase the dimension of your knowledge.

Create your profile on the our website and try to answer at least 8-10 questions per day. In a couple of months you will be 600-1000 questions strong.

Data Science interview questions

SQLGet the time for which a driver has logged into the driving app | Ola interview question
PythonCheck is a number is Palindrome or not
Case StudyIncome of a beggar in Bangalore
Machine LearningDifferentiate between high bias and high variance on complexity, fit and performance on test and train dataset
StatisticsRange of value between mean and standard deviation
ArticleWhat is one-hot encoding and how to use it?

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Data Science interview questions

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