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Top Articles

Here are the link to the Best Data Science resources which you need to clear all the doubts in order to crack a Data Science/Data Analyst/Business Analyst interview. Following are the Data Science resources

Data Science resources

The whole article is divided into three parts

1. Link to all the important articles in SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning, Python, R and Case Studies
2. Link to all the Daily Quiz Questions
3. How to make a career in Data Science and our resources

Analytics Jobs In India

Here you can find the current openings for Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, and other job link –

Analytics Jobs in India

Top Articles

Go for the following articles:

Time Series – Why does the time series need to be stationary –
Label Encoder and One Hot Encoding –
Missing Value Treatment –
Bias, Variance and Bias-Variance Trade-Off –
Multicollinearity –
Cross-Validation in R –
Types of Linear Regression-
Feature Engineering –
Correlation and Collinearity –
Difference between Forecasting and Prediction –
Explain p-value to a layman –
Confusion Matrix –
Data Science vs Big Data vs Data Analysis vs Business Analyst
ETS in Layman Terms –
Deloitte Interview Questions –
Accenture Interview Questions –

D.S. Daily Quiz

Day 1 –
Day 2 – SQL –
Day 3 – Joins –
Day 4 – Statistics –
Day 5 – Machine Learning –
Day 6  – Forecasting –
Day 7 – ARIMA –
Day 8 – Python –
Day 9 – ML –
Day 10 – R –
Day 11 – SQL Advance –
Day 12 – Amazon Data Science Interview –
Day 13 – Myntra Data Science Interview –
Day 14 – Guesstimates –
Day 15 – Box8 Interview Questions –
Day 16 – SQL Top 5 interview Questions –
Day 17 – Affine Analytics Interview Questions –
Day 18 – Flipkart Interview Questions –
Day 19 – Linear Regression Interview Question –
Day 23 – Swiggy –

How to make a Career in Data Science for a fresher?

We have answered the question in our article

Data Science Career Path –