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Data Science Interview Questions – 1/30

It’s the first post of the upcoming 30 posts. In each post, you will have 5 videos to cover and 5 questions/articles to cover the basics.
The effort required – 1.5 to 2 hours
Outcome – In 30 days you will cover almost all the topics/concepts which are asked in an Analytics interview. Once done, you can start applying and you will find more than 80% of questions from these topics.

Don’t skip any video or article. Solve the questions which are mentioned in the post and put them on the bookmark. Better to have a dedicated notebook for these 30 days.

All the best πŸ™‚

Data Science Interview Questions
Welcome to the first day of the Data Science Interview Preparation. Today we will cover some basic topics on SQL, Python, and Case Study. Let’s get started with the Data Science Interview Questions.

Videos to cover for Data Science Interview Questions :

Sum of digits in Python
In this video, you will get familiar with the programming in python by adding all the digits of a given number to find the sum of the digits.

Type, String, Index-Reverse Index in Python
In this tutorial, you will understand what are data types, the various data types present in python and various use cases for these data types.

Sum, prod of digits, list in Python
In this video, you will learn to find the product of the digits of a given number

Maximum and Minimum in Python
You are given 2 numbers. You need to print out which one is greater than the other. Check out this video to learn how.

Factorial in Python
You might have found factorials on paper before. But today you will learn to do it with the help of python from this video.

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Data Science Interview Questions

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  1. Fortunately I know these already🀞. Thanks for these at one place 🀘.

  2. Completed. Thanks for the content πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Can you Please let us know from where to Practice coding side by side for Python, since the main thing is implementation after learning things.? I am a bit confused regarding practicing Python w.r.t Analytics For eg. SQL can be easily studied from W3 school and then practiced from SQL ZOO or Hacker Rank. Also in today’s quiz I didn’t knew any ML concepts. From where do I study that?

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