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How to use TDM?


So recently we converted our blog to a Question and Answer platform. We will still be blogging like before, but we will also be catering to all the Data Science related questions.

How to use The Data Monk

There are now two parts of the website:-

1. Blog/Articles

We have all the previous articles in the ‘Recent Posts’ tab on the website –

We will keep on publishing all our articles at the same place. You can even post your article to and we will host it on our site under your name.

There you have the Recent Posts

2. The Question and Answer section

This is new, we want to be the Stack Overflow of Data Science.

We know this is a wrong motivation because one should be its own competition and we should not copy others but this Q&A concept is an intellectual property of Stack overflow and Quora. And this is just a small mention.

If you are new and are interested in making a career in data science then this first go through this 7-minute read –

How to make a career in Data Science

For all the users:-

1. It takes less than a minute to register for our portal. We just need your name, email id, password, and confirm password. No OTP on your email or anything like that

Why we need your login?
Because you earn points and badges

Though we have just started but in future our badge reputation will be similar to Kaggle and you will feel proud to earn a badge. Following is the badge structure

Newbie – 30 points
Member – 500 points
Contributor – 1000 points
Master – 4000 points
Grand Master – 8000 points
Great Grand Master – 15000

We firmly believe that if you become a Master on our website, you have a very high chance of converting any Data Science interview.

How to get points-

– 50 points when you login to the website, and you start as a newbie
– 5 points for each question you ask
– 7 points for each answer you write
– 3 points for rating an answer
– 2 points for following any user

Basically ask questions and post answers to get more and more points 🙂

We maintain a list of top users

How to add a question?

Adding a question is very easy at The Data Monk, you can click on Add Question or Ask Question to get to the page

Question Page is as simple as we could have made it. We have just three mandatory fields i.e.

Question Title – Example – Linear Regression, Arima Model, Makemytrip Interview Question
Category – It includes specifics like SQL, R, Python, etc
Details – The actual question, if the question is brief you can directly put it in the title

Other Features of the website
-Search bar

I searched ARIMA and all the arima related posts are available

– Giving a vote to the question and choosing your best answer
– Following and getting followers

– Subscribe button (Do subscribe for all the giveaways)
-Most viewed questions, most answered questions, etc

One Request – Once you create your profile, do add your linkedin profile id. This will help us reach out to you easily.

The website is fairly easy to explore.

I would like to declare our goals for the website

Today – 30th May 2020
30th August 2020 – 1000 Users
31st Dec 2020 – 2500 Users
31st March 2021 – 5000 Users
30th May 2021 – 10,000

We will soon be launching certifications for Data Science algorithms, a lot of giveaways and many more things

This is all we have, Let’s help each other in any Data Science related query.

Keep Learning 🙂

The Data Monk

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