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Strategy to get interviewed at Top 50 Companies with Analytics Opportunities

Here we have a list of Top 50 Companies with Analytics Opportunities. We are not including FAANG and will concentrate more on the Indian market. By Analytics we mean a position or opening in one or more of the following domain:-

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Scientist
Applied Data Scientist
Product Analyst
Decision Scientist
Machine Learning Engineers

Here are the Top 50 Companies with Analytics Opportunities.

There are majorly three ways to get a call from these companies:-
1. Job Portal like Naukri, Monster, iimjobs, etc
2. Referrals
3. Career page

Strategy to get call from these companies:-

1. If you are lucky enough to have a couple of ML projects under your belt, then it’s good. Else, just find some good video on youtube. It might not be near to the real life problem but anyways you do not have any other option

2. Don’t invest plethora of time on making a 2000 page long resume. No one reads, not even HR. Make a decent 2 pager

3. Work on these skills only for the first 3-5 years – SQL, Python, Regression Models, Time Series Model, Statistics, and Natural Language processing. If time permits, look into AWS service

4. Create your account on as early as possible and keep updating it every 2-3 days

5. If you are not getting any calls, I would suggest you to take their 3 months plan. This might work for you. I think it costs around 600-800 for a total of 3 months

6. No need for Linkedin Premium. Don’t waste that money

7. Apply to all the relevant job in the Jobs section of Linkedin, this works better than other websites

8. If you are comfortable with start-ups (You should be by the way), create your account on hirist and iimjobs

9. You won’t find a lot of top-notch companies on the job portal. They either take only referrals or follow their career page religiously. It takes time to apply for each of these jobs, but do it. Do it in patches

10. Enough of applying, now solve questions. Target the following:-
400 SQL Questions
50 R Questions
300 Python Questions
200 Statistics Questions
100 Case Studies and Guesstimates
400 Machine Learning and Data Science questions mixed with knowledge of statistics

In total you should solve anywhere between 1500-2000 questions before you transition yourself from a beginner to a good candidate in any Analytics interview

We have provided you the road map, we have provided you the resource.
We have also provided you with 1500+ questions on the portal with around 1200 correctly answered.
All you need is to bookmark these pages and keep coming back to it. Solve 20 questions a day.

At a speed of 20 Questions a day you will be 2000 Questions strong in next 100 days. Each question will take around 5 mins, thus 100 minutes a day for 100 days.

Plus you can also look at our 10 e-book bundle which covers 1400 mostly asked questions(Information at the end of the page)

Coming back to the topic

All these are top notch companies, so getting a call is just the start, indeed a good one. But you need to practice a lot. So, keep looking for questions and materials from Youtube, Medium, Analytics Vidhya, etc.
If you like our content, you can create your account and answer the shared questions or you can read the answers and articles curated by our team

Top 50 Companies with Analytics Opportunities.

  1. Sales Force
  2. Postman
  3. Walmart
  4. Sapient
  5. Codenation
  6. Directi
  7. Rubrik
  9. BnY Mellon
  10. Sprinkler
  11. Uber
  12. Atlassian
  13. Flipkart
  14. Goldman Sachs
  15. DE Shaw
  16. Arcesium
  17. Microsoft
  18. Tower Research
  19. Sumlogic
  20. Intuit
  21. Cred
  22. Groww
  23. Meesho
  24. PharmEasy
  25. Share Chat
  26. GupShup
  27. Dream11
  28. Urban Company
  29. Acko
  30. Razor Pay
  32. Ixigo
  33. Gojek
  34. Nucleus
  35. OYO Rooms
  36. Ola
  37. Adobe
  38. Expedia
  39. Cisco
  40. Samsung
  41. Goibibo
  42. PayPal
  43. PayTm
  44. Linkedin
  45. Qualcomm
  46. Informatica
  47. Mu Sigma
  48. Schlumberger
  49. Synopsys
  50. ZS

There are definitely more good and growing companies. This is just a check list, when you start your job hunt make sure to check these.

We have not included FAANG and Service based companies (apart from Mu-Sigma). But, there are a few Service based companies like The Math Company, Tredence, Dunnhumby, etc. which are doing really good and have challenging work

We are pleased to inform that we have launched our Live Training session for anyone who wish to learn about Analytics domain. It was invite based for the last 3 batches. Now we are open to all.
Check all the details here – The Data Monk Super 10 and Super 20 Live Classes

For any help, issues, resume overview, buying books, reviewing courses, etc. You can email us at or

Top 50 Companies with Analytics Opportunities

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