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Postman Data Analyst Interview Questions

Postman Data Analyst Interview Questions
Company Interviewing for – POSTMAN
Role – Data Analyst
Location – Bangalore, India
Interview Year – 202
Postman Data Analyst Interview Questions

Postman Data Analyst Interview Questions

Round 1 – Technical
Topics covered – Aptitude,SQL,Data Interpretation

Mode of interview – Hackerrank
Duration – 45 Minutes
Level of Questions – Medium

A few questions below from this round

Which of the following testing is concerned with making decisions using data?
a) Probability
b) Hypothesis
c) Causal
d) None of the mentioned

Which of the following tool is used for estimating standard errors and the bias of estimators?
a) knitr
b) jackknife
c) ggplot2
d) all of the mentioned

Which of the following is correct with respect to residuals?
a) Positive residuals are above the line, negative residuals are below
b) Positive residuals are below the line, negative residuals are above
c) Positive residuals and negative residuals are below the line
d) All of the mentioned

Which statement upgrades the database directory name encoding?
d) None of the mentioned

What is the scale applied in statistics, which imparts a difference of magnitude and proportions, is considered as?

(A) Exponential scale
(B) Goodness scale
(C) Ratio scale
(D) Satisfactory scale

Review of performance appraisal, labour turnover rates, planning of incentives, and training programs are the examples of which of the following?

(A) Statistics in production
(B) Statistics in marketing
(C) Statistics in finance
(D) Statistics in personnel management

Round 2 – Technical Round

Topics covered – Work experience + Case Study
Mode of interview – Hangout
Duration – 1 hour
Level of Questions – Medium
A few questions below from this round:
How would you develop a category & make sure it grows WOW

Why all could be the cause of revenue decrease for the E-Com company? and basic data analysis from the data set given.
Getting around this ( ) data and finding the prospect hypothesis from the data.
There was a case study on Postman data also, can’t share the details here.

Round 3- Technical
Topics- Statistics, Machine Learning
Mode of Interview- Video Call
Duration – 1 hour
Level of questions- Medium
A few questions from this round:

Round 4 – HR 
Topics covered – Personal Questions
Mode: Telephone Call
Duration – 1 hour
Level of Questions – NA

What are your interests? Why do you want to join Postman?
Your roles and responsibilities in the current organization?
A few questions on projects were also asked.

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