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How to prepare SQL for Analytics Jobs in 15 days?

Which is the most important concept you need to prepare for Analytics Jobs?

In this post, we will try to help you by providing all the resources needed to cover SQL from very basic to advance level.

How to prepare SQL for Analytics Jobs?

Total time required to prepare – 15 days
Daily time to invest – 3 to 4 hours

prepare SQL for Analytics Jobs

SQL Topics to cover

  • All the basic syntax
  • Window functions
  • Complex queries
  • Interview questions

SQL resources

  • SQLZoo
  • Tutorials Point
  • The Data Monk
  • Youtube videos
  • Hacker Rank

Day wise schedule

Day 1 and 2 – Go to Tutorials Point and cover the complete tutorial in 4-6 hours, as quickly as you can

Day 3 and 4 – Using the same knowledge, go to SQLZoo and solve at least 30-40 questions, these questions are very basic. It will enhance your knowledge

Day 5,6 and 7 – Go through any video on Youtube for advance questions. We felt that there are not a lot of videos in sequential order, so we have created one (Check the videos which you have not prepared till now, mostly window functions) – Cover 6-8 videos per day

List of videos

  1. Fetch Duplicate Rows in SQL –
  2. Like Operator in sql –
  3. Substring and Replace in SQL –
  4. Aggregate Functions in SQL –
  5. Cumulative Sum in SQL –
  6. Row number() in SQL –
  7. Ntile() –
  8. Rank vs Dense Rank –
  9. Where vs Having –
  10. Lead and Lag –
  11. Joins –
  12. Keys –
  13. 1NF and 2NF –
  14. 3 NF and BCNF –
  15. Most Asked Interview Questions –
  16. Odd even rows –
  17. Delete vs Truncate vs Drop in SQL –
  18. SQL Tricky Analytics Interview Questions –
  19. Binary Tree in SQL –
  20. Joins Advance Interview Questions –
  21. Facebook SQL Interview Questions –
  22. Tricky SQL Interview Questions  Part 2 –

Day 8 and 9 – Go to Hacker Rank and solve Medium difficulty problems (15-20)

Day 10,11 and 12 – Solve as many questions as possible from our list of interview questions
List of 200+ questions

Day 13,14 and 15 – If you feel you need to practice more then get our 10 e-books bundle and solve as many questions as possible from the SQL book, also go through Python and Statistics to revise the concept.
This is completely optional and you can revise it even before your interview, but its always better to start early and beat the race

Link to the 10 e-book bundle

We assure you that if you spend 15 days as mentioned above, you will turn into a really good candidate in any SQL interview

The Data Monk Interview Books – Now we are also available on our website where you can directly download the PDF of the topic you are interested in. At Amazon, each book costs ~299, on our website we have put it at 60-80% discount. There are ~4000 solved interview questions prepared for you.

10 e-book bundle with 1400 interview questions spread across SQL, Python, Statistics, Case Studies, and Machine Learning Algorithms – Ideal for 0-3 years experienced candidates

23 E-book with ~2000 interview questions spread across AWS, SQL, Python, 10+ ML algorithms, MS Excel, and Case Studies – Complete Package for someone between 0 to 8 years of experience (The above 10 e-book bundle has a completely different set of e-books)

12 E-books for 12 Machine Learning algorithms with 1000+ interview questions – For those candidates who want to include any

Machine Learning Algorithm in their resume and to learn/revise the important concepts. These 12 e-books are a part of the 23 e-book package

Individual 50+ e-books on separate topics

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