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Big Data Interview questions – 12/30

Welcome to the Big Data Interview questions. Today we will cover some basic topics on SQL, Python, Machine learning and Case Study. Let’s get started with the Big Data Interview questions.

Big Data Interview questions


  • Knowledge of programming-

Sum and largest of an array in Python | Part 15 | Code in Python for Data Science | The Data Monk. In this video we will learn about finding factorial in python programming.

  • Understanding of Statistics and Machine Learning Algorithms- 

First lets start by working our way into statistics with Hypothesis Testing in Statistics | Part 9 | Complete Statistics Tutorial | The Data Monk. In this video you will learn about Random variables and random samples which are the basics of statistics.

Now let’s get into our Machine learning dose that is the certifications required. So check out this video in which you will learn about certification that will help you in getting a job. Certifications for Data Science and Analytics Job | Most important certification for Analytics

  • Knowledge of data visualization tools-

Visualization is an important and integral part of a data analyst’s job so start off by watching Count Plot and Bar Plot in Python | Part 10 | Visualization in Python | The Data Monk which will help you in continuing with Data visualization.

To check your learnings head to:

Big Data Interview questions

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