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Analytics Jobs in India

This post ‘Analytics Jobs in India’ is created to help you in landing the right page and person to contacr for an opportunity in Analytics
This page will contain list of openings and referral in Analytics division. Under the Analytics Jobs in India we hill provide you information about the following posts:-
1. Data Scientist
2. Data Analyst
3. Data Engineer
4. Decision Scientist
5. Business Analyst and other relevant openings.

Analytics Jobs in India

There are multiple ways of applying to a job:-
1. Referrals
2. Job Portals
3. Company’s website

We will provide you the link and if necessary a few Data Science related article to help you prepare for the particular interview.

Create your account on and start solving questions along with 1100+ Data Scientists. We will be sending top profiles for referrals directly


1. Fractal is looking for Consultant and Qlickview developer
2. NeenOpal,Bangalore is looking for Data and Analytics Engineer(10-15LPA)
3. LatentView is looking for Data Engineer Lead(5-8 Years Experience)
4. PayPal is looking for Senior Business Analyst (3+Years)

How to prepare for these interviews?
Getting a call is a good start, but it’s your technical skills which will get you the job 🙂
We have 700+ Data Science interview questions, 100+ Direct articles covering complex topics of Data Science, and 1100+ Data Scientists working on these questions.
Create your profile and start answering questions at our portal.

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