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150+ SQL Data Science interview Questions

SQL Data Science interview Questions

Here we have 150+ SQL interview questions which are asked in most of the Data Science and Data Analyst interviews.
You can target to solve the questions first and then go through the solution of other top rated candidates.
Make sure to create your profile so that we can refer you to other companies.

Try to solve 10-12 questions per day, don’t skip any question and try to google out the answer in case you are confused or have no clue

SQL Data Science interview Questions

SQL Data Science interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions | Alternate Rows

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Queries

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Query I

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Query II

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Query III

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Over-weight

EXL Interview Questions| Triggers

EXL Interview Questions| Salary

EXL Interview Questions| Gender

SQL Interview Questions | PARTITION key

SQL Interview Questions | Solving Database Problem

SQL Interview Questions | Separate DOB Data of Employess

SQL Interview Questions | Copy the Table

SQL Interview Questions | 8 Characters in name

SQL Interview Questions | First name

SQL Interview Questions | Nth Highest Salary

SQL Interview Questions | Employee Details

SQL Interview Questions | Pay Raise

SQL Interview Questions | OFFSET Command Problem

SQL Interview Questions | Get the appropriate result

SQL Interview Questions | Alternative of TOP Clause

SQL Interview Questions | Output of Functions

SQL Interview Questions | Remove duplicate entries

SQL Interview Questions | Employees with same salary

SQL Interview Questions | Collect employee details

SQL Interview Questions | Find the manager name

SQL Interview Questions | Verify the Table

Accenture Interview Questions | How the triggers will execute if two or more triggers?

Accenture Interview Questions | If a emp table is having duplicate emp_id then can we make it primary key?

Accenture Interview Questions | Primary Key

Accenture Interview Questions | Cumulative Sum

Affine Analytics Interview Questions | DDL, DML, and DCL commands

Affine Analytics Interview Questions | How to get 3 Min salaries?

Affine Analytics Interview Questions | How to fetch only even rows from a table?

Affine Analytics Interview Questions | What is a RANK() function? How is it different from ROW_NUMBER()?

BOX8 | SQL Query on Regular Expression

BOX8 | Regular Expression in SQL

BOX8 | SQL Query

BOX8 | Ranking in SQL

Amazon Interview Question | What is NTILE with syntax?

What is the use of IFNULL and ISNULL in SQL?

Important conditions for joining two tables on a key?

What is Hash Join?

Write a SQL query to find the common records between two tables?

Write the query to remove the duplicates from a table without using a temporary table?

Get the number of duplicate names and their frequency

Extract all the distinct email id domain from all the employee

what is the difference between NVL and NVL2 functions?

Find all the students who either are male or live in Mumbai ( have Mumbai as a part of their address).

Get alternate record from table

SQL Regular Expression

SQL interview question | Conditional Query

SQL output question | The Moonfrog Lab interview question

Can you join two table without any common column?

You always have a big data i.e. millions of rows in your tables, how would you partition it for optimum performance?

What is indexing in SQL? Meredith India interview question

What is the difference between COUNT(*) and COUNT(ColName)?

What is the use of FETCH command? OLA interview question

SQL Query Output | EXL interview question

Help me create a table with all the employee Names and Manager Names. SQL OYO interview Questions

SQL Interview question

Write a SQL query to find all the student names Nitin in a table

Ranking in SQL

Can you use HAVING command without any aggregate function in SQL?

SQL interview Question | Second Highest Salary – Ranking

SQL interview Question | Second Highest Salary – Method 1

SQL interview question | Write the query

What is the order of execution of SQL commands?

What is the use of OFFSET command?

What is an Index?

What is Collation?

What is a Data Definition Language?

Please explain normalization in layman’s term

Different types of indexes in SQL

Can we sort column using column alias in SQL?

Clustered and non-clustered index in SQL

What is a trigger?

What is the difference between Cluster and Non-Cluster Index?

What are different types of UDF in SQL?



What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands?

SQL output interview question

varchar vs char in SQL

What is the difference between clustered and non clustered index in SQL?

What is the role of “Database Testing” in SQL?

The wildcard in a WHERE clause is useful when?

What is the function of COALESCE()?

SQL Query | Level – Basic

SQL Query | Level – Basic 2

SQL Query | Level – Basic 3

SQL Query | Level – Basic 4

Find the Output

Find the Nth largest salary from employee table.

What is the order of execution of SQL query?

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