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Statistics Data Science Interview Questions | Day 38

Day 38 – Statistics Data Science Interview Questions
We will look after at 100+ most asked Statistics Data Science Interview Questions

Statistics Data Science Interview Questions

EXL Interview Questions| Data Subsets

EXL Interview Questions| Bernoulli Trial Generator

EXL Interview Questions| Fair or Unfair

EXL Interview Questions| Data Subsets

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Ace

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Geometric Distributed Random Variable

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Metric

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Sample Point

Lowe’s Interview Questions | Fair Coin

SAP interview Questions | Grouping Users

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Probability

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Cards

Moonfrog Interview Questions

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Row Number

Moonfrog Interview Questions | p-Value

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Tests

Moonfrog Interview Questions | Normal Distribution

Oracle Interview Questions | Variables

Oracle Interview Questions | Duplicate Rows

Oracle Interview Questions | Sensitivity

Oracle Interview Questions | Series

Oracle Interview Questions | Random Forest

Oracle Interview Questions | Prediction

Oracle Interview Questions | Million Emails

Zomato Interview Questions | Seasonality

Zomato Interview Questions | Population

Zomato Interview Questions | Outlier Vaues

Zomato Interview Questions | Predictive Model

Zomato Interview Questions | False Negative

OLA interview Question | Plagiarism

OLA interview Question | Biased Coin

OLA interview Question | Logistic Model

OLA interview Question | Analytics

OLA interview Question | Population

OLA interview Question | Gradient Descent

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Imbalanced Dataset

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Biased Coin

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Mean Imputation

Mckinsey Interview Questions | 10 Million Data Points

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Cause vs Correlation

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Highest Temperature

Mckinsey Interview Questions | Probability

JP Morgan Interview Questions | CLT

JP Morgan Interview Questions | Insight

JP Morgan Interview Questions | Payout

JP Morgan Interview Questions | Probability

JP Morgan Interview Question | Non-Gaussian Distribution

JP Morgan Interview Questions | Median or Mode

ANOVA test4

Linear Regression | What is error term?

Linear Regression | What are the assumptions of Linear Regression?

Linear Regression | Is it necessary to satisfy all the assumptions of Linear Regression?

Linear Regression | What is Correlation Matrix?

Linear Regression | What is Variance Inflation Factor? How is it used?

Linear Regression | What is Multicollinearity?

Linear Regression | What is a Linear Regression?

Linear Regression | What is Homoscedasticity in assumptions of Linear Regression?

Linear Regression | What is multivariate normality in assumptions of Linear Regression?

Linear Regression | What is Auto-Correlation in Linear Regression assumption

Affine Analytics Interview Questions | What is positive skewness and negative skewness?

What are the absolute measures of dispersion?

Amazon Interview Question | What percentage of value lies between Mean and one Standard deviation(both positive and negative)

What is Inter Quartile Range?

What is worse, type 1 error or type 2 error?

Explain type 2 error in simple terms

Explain type 1 error in simplest terms

You have created a model for fire alarm, explain confusion matrix with this example

Explain recall in simple terms

Explain precision in the simplest terms

What are the methods to choose the value of K in k-means algorithm?

What are the metrics to measure the performance of your Linear Regression model? Most asked question

Define R squared error in simple terms

What is the need to remove multicolinearity ?

Define Loss function in the simplest way possible

What is the best fit line in Linear Regression?

Define ROC in layman terms

Difference in formula between sample and population variance?

What us the difference between chi-square, z-test, and t-test

Which test to use when you have less than 30 sampling units? Amazon online interview question

How do you measure distribution?

How would you explain the concept of p-value to a layman?

Statistics Basics

Statistics Basics 2 | Interview Question

Statistics Basics 3 | Interview Question

Statistics Basics 4 | Interview Question

Statistics Basics 5 | Interview Question

Statistics Basics 6 | Interview Question

Statistics Basics 7 | Interview Question

Central Tendency


Mean, Median and Mode


Standard Deviation

Type 1 error

What is the primary goal of A/B Testing?

What to do if one of my column with integer value is having more than 30% missing values ?

Define Skewness.

What do you mean by p-value?

What is a good p-value?

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