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Python Array Interview Questions 11-15

Today we will take some Python Array Interview Questions. We will try to cover the basic questions and then will move towards some interview questions that are frequently asked in the analytics domain.

Companies like Zynga, Myntra, Housing, Ola, Oyo, etc. emphasize quite a bit on the Python skills of the candidate (at least moderate skills) for the first round. In our series of 200 questions, we will try to cover all the types of questions asked with solutions.

Python Array Interview Questions

Python Array Interview Questions

11. Finding the sum of elements of the array

a = [1,4,5,7]
s = 0
for i in a:
s = s+i;
print("Sum of array is = ",s)

12. The Largest element of an array

a = [1,5,7,3,4,9,18,222]
num = len(a)
def lar(a):
largest = a[0]
for i in range(2,num):
if largest <= a[i]:
largest = a[i]
return largest
print("The largest element is = ",lar(a))

13. Rotate an array

x = [1,2,5,6,7]
y = len(x)
z = []
for i in range(0,(y)):
Python Array Interview Questions

14. Split the array at a particular point

a = [1,4,6,12,54]
d = 3
x = []
y = []
for i in range(0,len(a)):
if i<d:
Python Array Interview Questions

15. Interchange the first and the last element in a list

l = [1,2,3,5,6]
temp = l[0]
l[0] = l[len(l)-1]
l[len(l)-1] = temp

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