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Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions

Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions
We have been curating interview questions for the Top Product based companies. Following are the interview questions shared so far:-

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Why Analytics as a Career?

Target job roles – Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Engineer, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer

Target Companies – FAANG and only product-based companies

CTC offered –
12 to 20 LPA for Level 1 (0 to 4 YOE)
20 to 35 LPA for Level 2 (Senior level – 4 to 7 YOE )
35 to 50 LPA for Level 3 (Team Lead or Manager – 7 to 9 YOE)
50 to 80 LPA for Level 4 (Manager or Senior Manager – 9 to 12 YOE)

Tools and Technologies required
SQL – 9/10
Python – 7/10
Visualization tool (Power BI or Tableau) – Good to have
Machine Learning Algorithm – Expert in at least a couple of algorithms (if going for Data Science role)

Why The Data Monk?

We are a group of 30+ people with ~8 years of Analytics experience in product-based companies. We take interviews on a daily basis for our organization and we very well know what is asked in the interviews.
Other skill enhancer website charge 2lakh+ GST for courses ranging from 10 to 15 months.

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Discounted price – Rs. 9000

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Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions
Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions

Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions

Company – Flipkart
Designation – Business Analyst

Year of Experience required – 0 to 3 years
Technical expertise – SQL, Python, Case Study
Salary offered – 10 to 18 LPA (10% variable)

Number of Rounds – 5

Flipkart SQL Interview Questions

There were 20 questions in the online mode of exam, there were candidates who actually had to take offline exam. The questions were basic in nature and were around
– finding error in code
– output of code
– optimizing queries
– basic MCQ
Just follow any good interview question e-book or blog. We also have 250 SQL interview questions in the 2200 interview question books, these questions will help you become a complete analytics professional. Do check out the topics covered in thie book.

What is the usage of the NVL() function?
You may use the NVL function to replace null values with a default value. The function returns the value of the second parameter if the first parameter is null. If the first parameter is anything other than null, it is left alone.
This function is used in Oracle, not in SQL and MySQL. Instead of NVL() function, MySQL have IFNULL() and SQL Server have ISNULL() function.

Explain character-manipulation functions? Explains its different types in SQL.
Change, extract, and edit the character string using character manipulation routines. The function will do its action on the input strings and return the result when one or more characters and words are supplied into it.
The character manipulation functions in SQL are as follows:
A) CONCAT (joining two or more values): This function is used to join two or more values together. The second string is always appended to the end of the first string.
B) SUBSTR: This function returns a segment of a string from a given start point to a given endpoint.
C) LENGTH: This function returns the length of the string in numerical form, including blank spaces.
D) INSTR: This function calculates the precise numeric location of a character or word in a string.
E) LPAD: For right-justified values, it returns the padding of the left-side character value.
F) RPAD: For a left-justified value, it returns the padding of the right-side character value.
G) TRIM: This function removes all defined characters from the beginning, end, or both ends of a string. It also reduced the amount of wasted space.

Write the SQL query to get the third maximum salary of an employee from a table named employees.
SELECT employee_name, salary, DENSE_RANK()
OVER(ORDER BY salary DESC)r FROM Employee)
WHERE r=&n;
To find 3rd highest salary set n = 3

What are UNION, MINUS and INTERSECT commands?
The UNION operator is used to combine the results of two tables while also removing duplicate entries. 
The MINUS operator is used to return rows from the first query but not from the second query. 
The INTERSECT operator is used to combine the results of both queries into a single row.
Before running either of the above SQL statements, certain requirements must be satisfied –
Within the clause, each SELECT query must have the same amount of columns.
The data types in the columns must also be comparable.
In each SELECT statement, the columns must be in the same order.

You always have a big data i.e. millions of rows in your tables, how would you partition it for optimum performance?
MySQL partitioning is about altering – ideally, optimizing – the way the database engine physically stores data. It allows you to distribute portions of table data across the file system based on a set of user-defined rules. In this way, if the queries you perform access only a fraction of table data and the partitioning function is properly set, there will be less to scan and queries will be faster. Partitioning makes the most sense when dealing with millions of data.
Horizontal partitioning means that all rows matching the partitioning function will be assigned to different physical partitions.
Vertical partitioning allows different table columns to be split into different physical partitions.
RANGE Partitioning:
This type of partition assigns rows to partitions based on column values that fall within a stated range. The values should be contiguous, but they should not overlap each other. The VALUES LESS THAN operator will be used to define such ranges in order from lowest to highest.
LIST partitioning:
It is similar to RANGE, except that the partition is selected based on columns matching one of a set of discrete values. In this case, the VALUES IN statement will be used to define matching criteria.
HASH Partitioning:
In HASH partitioning, a partition is selected based on the value returned by a user-defined expression. This expression operates on column values in rows that will be inserted into the table. A HASH partition expression can consist of any valid MySQL expression that yields a nonnegative integer value. HASH is used mainly to evenly distribute data among the number of partitions the user has chosen.
Instead of using the modulo described above, when MySQL uses LINEAR HASH a powers-of-two algorithm is employed to calculate the partition where the data is to be stored. Syntactically, LINEAR HASH is exactly the same as HASH, except for the addition of the word LINEAR.

Suppose in class, you have 3n boys and 2n girls with their names tabulated along with their weight and gender. Write a SQL query to separate students alphabetically who are over-weight (55kg for girls, 75kg for boys)

select *
from table_name
where gender = ‘Male’ and weight > ’75kg’
union all
select *
from table_name
where gender = ‘Female’ and weight > ’55kg’

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Flipkart Python Interview Questions

Check if a number is Armstrong number in Python. An armstrong number is a number that equals the sum of cube of all the digits of the number. Ex. 153 = 1^3+5^3+3^3
num = int(input(“Enter a number = “))
s = 0
x = num
while (x >0 ):
digit = x%10
s = s+(digitdigitdigit)
x = x//10

print(“Armstrong” if s == num else “Not Armstrong”)

Write a program to get the Prime number in a list of numbers with starting and end point
x = int(input(“Enter a starting point = “))
y = int(input(“Enter an ending point = “))
def prime(x,y):
prime = []
for i in range(x,y):
if (i == 0 or i == 1):
for j in range(2,int(i/2)+1):
if(i%j == 0):
return prime
print(“The list of prime numbers are = “, prime(x,y))

Largest element of an array
a = [1,5,7,3,4,9,18,222]
num = len(a)
def lar(a):
largest = a[0]
for i in range(2,num):
if largest <= a[i]:
largest = a[i]
return largest

print(“The largest element is = “,lar(a))

Rotate an array
x = [1,2,5,6,7]
y = len(x)
z = []
for i in range(0,(y)):

Flipkart Case Study Round

What are the KPIs for Walmart?
Walmart, as a retail company, has several key performance indicators (KPIs) that it uses to measure the success and efficiency of its operations. Some of the main KPIs that Walmart may track include:
Revenue: Walmart tracks its revenue as a measure of overall financial performance.
Same-store Sales: Walmart tracks the sales of stores open for at least one year to measure the performance of its existing store base.
Gross Margin: Walmart tracks the difference between its revenue and cost of goods sold to measure profitability.
Market Share: Walmart tracks its market share in retail industry to measure its competitiveness.
Customer Satisfaction: Walmart tracks customer satisfaction through surveys and ratings provided by customers to measure the quality of its products and services.
Inventory turnover: Walmart tracks the number of times its inventory is sold and replaced over a certain period to measure efficiency in inventory management.
Online Sales: Walmart tracks the sales made through its online platform to measure the success of its e-commerce efforts.
Same-day Delivery and Pickup: Walmart tracks the use of its same-day delivery and pickup services to measure the efficiency and popularity of these services.
Employee Turnover: Walmart tracks the rate at which employees leave the company to measure the effectiveness of its human resources practices.
Operating Margin: Walmart tracks the operating margin, which is the difference between revenue and operating expenses as a percentage of revenue, to measure the efficiency of its operations.
These are some of the key performance indicators that Walmart may track, but it may also track other metrics depending on its specific goals and objectives.

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Flipkart Behavioral Round

There were questions like:
– Why you want to quit your current organisation?
– How do you lead a team of 100 people ?
– How are you trying to upgrade your technical skills?
– How much time do you invest in data cleaning ?
– Project description

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