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Data Analyst Interview Questions – 2/30

Data Analyst Interview Questions
Welcome to the Data Analyst Interview Preparation. Today we will cover some basic topics on SQL, Python and Case Study. Let’s get started with the Data Analyst Interview Questions.

Data Analyst Interview Questions

Here’s all you need to become a data analyst:

1. Degree and Domain Expertise – Your college and staying updated with news & trends will be covering this part. 

All that’s left below will be available from our side. Read the whole article to get specific resources wrt specific requirements

2. Knowledge of programming

3. Knowledge of Data analysis tools

4. Understanding of Statistics and Machine Learning Algorithms

5. Knowledge of data visualization tools

Videos to cover for Data Analyst Interview Questions :

Knowledge of programming-

Factorial in Python | Part 3 | Code in Python for Data Science | The Data Monk. In this video we will learn about finding factorial in python programming.

Knowledge of Data analysis tools- for this you will need tools like SQL which you can start from Fetch Duplicate Records in SQL | Part 1 | Data Science Interview Questions

Understanding of Statistics and Machine Learning Algorithms- First let’s start by working our way into statistics with “Random variable and random sample in Statistics | Part 1 |Complete Statistics Tutorial|The Data Monk”. In this video, you will learn about Random variables and random samples which are the basics of statistics.

Now let’s get into our first Machine learning algorithm that is Linear regression. So check out this video in which you will learn about linear regression:

Linear regression in 30 minutes Python | Part 1 | Machine Learning in Python | The Data Monk

Knowledge of data visualization tools-

Visualization is an important and integral part of a data analyst’s job so start off by watching “ Introduction to visualization in Python | Part 1 | Python Interview Questions | The Data Monk” which will get you started with visualization.

Data Science Concepts

  1. Python MCQ | Daily Quiz Day 2
  2. What do you mean by mutable and immutable data type? Explain
  3. Give pros and cons of SVM
  4. Explain linear regression and logistic regression
  5. Count of duplicate rows in SQL

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Data Analyst Interview Questions

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