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Amazon Senior Business Analyst interview questions – Updated 2022

Amazon Senior Business Analyst interview questions

Amazon Senior Business Analyst interview questions

Amazon Senior Business Analyst interview questions

Name – Can’t disclose as the person is joining Amazon
Previous Company – Mu Sigma Inc.
Previous Company Designation – Decision Scientist
Work Experience – 3 years 6 months
Tools and Technologies used in Previous Company – SQL, Python, Tableau, AWS

Company Interviewing for – Amazon
Industry – E-commerce
Designation – Senior Business Analyst
Role/Level – Can’t disclose
Location – Bangalore
Interview Year – 2021
Any tips for the aspirants appearing for the company in near future – Work on your SQL skills and go through your resume again and again. Everything will be asked from that
Compensation – 5/5

In total there were 4 rounds:-
-Written SQL
-Technical (SQL and Project)
-Technical and Case Study (Python and Case Study)
– Hiring Manager

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Round 1 – Written

Topics covered – SQL
Mode of interview – There were 6 people on video call taking the round simultaneously
Duration – 45 mins
Level of Questions – 7/10

There were 4 table schema and 5 questions on SQL. It was mostly around joins, conditions on Date, self join.
There was no IDE to test whether your answer is correct or not.

The questions were not very complex, but you have to understand which all tables to join.

One sample question – Out of all the products if print the product names for which inventory is 2 times the order for March’21. There was inventory, product, order and sales tables given

Round 2 – Technical
Topics covered – SQL, Python and Predictive modeling
Mode of interview – Video Call
Duration – 1 hour
Level of Questions – Difficult (9/10)

In any recruitment process the first technical is the most challenging one as it sets your bar for the next round.
I started with my introduction. I had a couple of projects on Predictive modeling using Regression, ARIMA, LSTM, and ARIMAX.

SQL Questions:-
How do you get the fifth highest salary using self join?
How do you check if a table is in 2NF form or not?
How do you store complex data in a table, by complex he meant a large array?

Then there were some basic questions on group by and joins. Easy ones!!

Python Questions:-
What is the syntax of dictionary and list?
Can you create a large list with random numbers?
How can you sort a string ? I told him about sort function
What is the difference between sort and sorted?
What is the use of Hash Map ?

I did good in these questions so next was on my modeling experience

Explained the project, the questions were not on the technical part of the model but more around what variables were used in Regression and the meaning of these variables.

Be very very clear about your projects, it will occupy 60% of your time

Round 3 – Case Study and Personality Test
Topics covered – Business Case Study and Problem solving
Mode of interview – Video Call
Duration – 1 hour
Level of Questions – Intermediate

Case Study – What are the factors to consider if you work in the sales department of Samsung and you want to start a store in one of the most crowded malls of Bangalore?
There were various things discussed over here, make sure that you have a directional approach. You should not pitch ideas randomly. Structure your ideas.
Above question is attempted by Raahul and his approach is quite good. Show your approach in the answers

Personality Questions –
Tell me one time when you did something wrong in your last organization and how did you do the RCA?
How do you differentiate between whether to pick a project or not in the next project cycle?

Round 4 – Hiring Manager

Topics covered – About role in the previous organization, a brief about the current role
Mode of interview – Video Call
Duration – 30 mins
Level of Questions – NA

It was more about the culture fit. We discussed about one of the projects in my resume. Then there were questions on why I want to join Amazon, what is a normal day in my life looks like. It was a healthy discussion.

The whole process took 1 week, I was offered a position at par with my expected salary.

P.S. – As pointed out by a couple of users about the 12 principle interview being the only way to get into Amazon, it’s not actually true. There are different levels, teams and positions for which recruitment is being done. 12 principle questions are always a part of each round, but we can neither disclose the principles nor those questions.
We reconfirmed to find out that Chime was being used for Video call and SQL test, but the application used for taking the written test should not be a concern 😛
We will try to put generic names for mode of interview.

We have started Mock interview with the candidate who have cleared these interviews. If you want to take a mock interview with Amazon candidate then Fill this form – Mock Interview with Amazon

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