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Amazon Business Analyst Interview Questions

Amazon Business Analyst Interview Questions

Company Name – Amazon
Position – Business Analyst
Salary – 12 to 25 LPA depending on experience and last compensation
Difficulty Level – Moderate+
How to apply –, Linkedin, Amazon job portal, and Referrals
Number of rounds – It ranges from 3 to 5 rounds (depending on the team you are interviewing for)
Job Location – Bangalore

Amazon Business Analyst Interview Questions

Amazon Business Analyst Interview Questions
Amazon Business Analyst Interview Questions

The author of this post was interviewed for a team in Singapore. It was a four-round process. People do believe that Amazon asks only the 14 principles and no technicals in the Analyst domain but it was not the case with the author.

Round 1SQL written test

You were given a link to join the test, there might be 6-8 more candidates taking the test at the same time. You will have a simple 10 minutes Dos and Don’t discussion.
Then you will be given a test link and now it’s just you in a separate virtual room.

SQL test – There were 5 tables (Revenue, Item, Orders, Departments, and Users) and an ER diagram was given.
You will have 40 minutes to solve 5 questions.

Level of questions – Moderate, the emphasis was on which all tables to join and then how to get particular metrics. There were questions on Year over Year trend which was a bit tricky.

Overall it will take you 40 minutes to complete the code. There was no compiler, so you have to write the code and make sure that it’s executable.

I did pretty decently I guess and was able to solve all the questions but later realized that there was a better way to solve one particular question.

Questions were like:-
1. Get the name of the customers who have made 2 orders each month from Sydney and have canceled at least 5 orders
2. Make a Year over Year report for the sales of XYZ department

Round 2 – Project Discussion, SQL, and Python

Round 2 was all about your project, but you always need to remember the 14 Amazon Principles. We have a complete dedicated video on Amazon’s 14 principles and their STAR technique. Do take a look if you ever want to appear for Amazon’s technical or business role.

SQL – The SQL part was moderate in level. It starts with the same questions which you did in the first round. It is followed by some direct questions on the basic window functions, optimization techniques, building data pipelines, etc. Some questions were on the line of:-

1. How to create a table in which can read the data for 2 days and write it for 6 hours and run 4 times a day?
2. How to make sure that you do not have any duplicates in a table?
3. What is the best way to store a variable that can have many values (Array/JSON)

Python – Basic questions on any project which you have done in Python in the past. It need not be a data science or machine learning project but it should have a good use case.

Hint – Brownie point if you have automated something in past using Python

The project was discussed in every detail. The complete interview went on for around 2 hours. The screen was shared for writing the codes. You need to be good with SQL syntax.

Hint – Be very comfortable with your project, practice everything written in your resume.

Round 3 – Project, Responsibilities, Case study and Hiring Manager round
I was of the opinion that Amazon’s interview will have at least 5 rounds. But surprisingly the third was the final round. A very senior member took the interview, projects were asked on an overview level. there were some technical discussions also on some points, but it was mainly on an uber level.

The interviewer was very keen to understand the ecosystem in which you are working right now and the ecosystem and culture of Amazon (specifically their team)

There was a case study or business problem “If a person has 100s of items in their cart and he is not buying anything. Do we need to consider him as a potential customer? What data do you need to justify your answer”

The point is to look for all the cases like, did the person add everything in the last 2-3 days? If yes then he can be a potential customer.
Did he put things in a random fashion or does that belong to a specific product type?
How much time did he invest to select an item?
Has he bought anything in the past? If yes, then what is the volume

You can comment on your ideas below and we will try to evaluate them. Try to work in a methodological way, above is just a few examples (I presented the analysis in a very simple and structured way)

If you want to crack case study round then please go and check out this video from The Data Monk –

Solve Case Study and Guesstimates in any Analytics Interview | Round 3 | The Data Monk

Overall it was a quick interview with moderate technical skills. The complete process took around 8 days.

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Important Resources to crack interviews (Mostly Free)

There are a few things which might be very useful for your preparation

The Data Monk Youtube channel – Here you will get only those videos that are asked in interviews for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Engineers, Analytics Manager, etc.
Go through the watchlist which makes you uncomfortable:-

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