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The Data Monk – Books, Products, and Services

The Data Monk is a question-answer portal that helps you prepare for interviews in the analytics and engineering domain.
You might be using The Data Monk for a few months now or might be a first-time visitor, we both must be aligned to what we can provide you and what other companies can provide you. Whenever we feel that a particular topic is well explained on some other domain like Analytics Vidhya, Tutorials Point, Stack OverFlow, then we will direct you to those websites. So, be assured that you can make a good career in Analytics by following our advice and questions.

The Data Monk
The Data Monk

What can TDM provide you?
We concentrate on only one thing i.e, how to make you crack an interview in the Analytics domain. Suppose, we observe that now candidates are being asked a lot of questions on Windows function in SQL or Shell scripting or Python code. Then, we pick up these topics and try to break them down into 100 questions and we make sure that after learning these questions you will solve most of the interview questions on the topic. This is the prime aim of The Data Monk, we might not teach you from very basic but will provide you resources to cover the basics but we will help you understand the mindset of interviewers and their questions.

What TDM does not provide you?
Today is 12th March’22 and till now we have never made any promise to place you in Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, FAANG, etc. We are right now only focused on making sure that you prepare so well that you can crack 8 out of 10 interviews. We get a LOT of messages and phone calls saying that The Data Monk really helped them a lot and that is our reward.

How to start using The Data Monk?
Well, the complete website has multiple parts:-
– 2000 Interview questions, you can solve these questions as well as go through the answers of other candidates. It’s a hell of a lot of content
– Check out the blogs on different topics, like The Most Important Topics. Blogs like this will have a read time of 5-7 minutes but they will cover a complete topic from head to toe. Remember, these are the most asked questions and should be prepared to answer these
– We have a lot of case studies on the website, again the questions that were asked directly in interviews. It’s a must-do exercise. Explore Case Studies
– We have our own books on a variety of topics like Major 12 Algorithms, SQL,Python, Statistics, Case Studies, AWS, MS Excel, etc. Take up any book where you are weak at and cover the book in 6-8 hours. BANG !! You are ready to put this in your resume and to answer interview questions. Please explore our E-shop page
– The main issue that people face while entering in the analytics domain or while making a switch is that they do not know what to study and where to study from. There are 100s of things spread across Python, SQL, Statistics, ML, etc.. Now, people do not have a dedicated road map and we also need to have something that can be done quickly. To solve this problem we have created a few book combinations. You do not have to do anything, just find out the best-fit book combo for you and learn the questions in the next 30 days. We can assure you a great career ahead. The combos at present are:-

10 E-book bundle to crack analytics interview
The above book contains 1400+ interview questions in Power BI, Statistics, SQL,Python, Case Study, ML algorithms, and complete interviews of 10 product-based companies. We recommend it to anyone who is either a fresher or is having 3-5 years of experience to cover this book from head to toe. This combo has 10 e-books and this will make sure that you gain enough points to answer the interview questions

12 Machine Learning Algorithm to crack Data Science and Analyst Role – This book has all you need to master 12 complete algorithms that include Linear, Logistic, NLP, Forecasting, SVM, K-mean and many more. Complete information on the above link. Now, we should burst one small myth i.e. you need not be a master of Python or ML to start learning these books. All these books are written from very basics and you just have to pick one book for 2-3 days and you will be very very good in that algorithm. So, don’t underestimate yourself. This is for people with 1+ years of experience or who want to get into Machine Learning and Data Science

23 E-book complete bundle with more than 2000 interview questions – This is almost the best that we can provide you. This is useful or anyone between college 3rd year to 7 years of experience. The more you learn the
These 23 e-books can take 30-45 days and these days will be the most challenging and rewarding days of your life. These 23 e-books contain all the books covered in 12 Machine learning algorithm packages but none of the books are covered in 10 e-book bundles.
The USP of this bundle is that it covers almost everything, right from SQL to Python to ML to MS excel to visualization to AWS, almost everything thing. This book is useful for everyone in the analytics domain like Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Risk Analysts, Product Analysts, Business Intelligence Engineers, Data Scientists, Analytics Managers, and senior folks.

– We also provide career guidance and mock interviews. We will soon have a portal for the same, but if you need immediate help then do comment below.

– We have recently launched our youtube channel. Here you will get only those videos that are asked in interviews for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Engineers, Analytics managers, etc.
Go through the watchlist which makes you uncomfortable:-

All the list of 200 videos
Complete Python Playlist for Data Science
Company-wise Data Science Interview Questions – Must Watch
All important Machine Learning Algorithm with code in Python
Complete Python Numpy Playlist
Complete Python Pandas Playlist
SQL Complete Playlist
Case Study and Guesstimates Complete Playlist
Complete Playlist of Statistics

We will keep updating this place with new services or book launches. Happy Learning

About TheDataMonkGrand Master

I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 6+ years of analytics experience 3+ years at Mu Sigma 2 years at OYO 1 year and counting at The Data Monk I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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