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Range() in Python | Python for Data Science | Day 16

We hope you are putting your time to a productive The Data Monk is back with a new tutorial for you. 
The range() in Python function is used to return a sequence of numbers within the specified numbers. Let’s discuss range() in Python function in detail.

The range() function has three parameters: start, stop and step. 

For instance, if we mention just one parameter, it is considered as the stop point.

Range() in Python

Actually, the loop runs for N-1 times if N is the stop point. 

We can also specify the initial and stopping point. 

Range() in Python

Let’s check out another instance where we also mention the step size. Here, the numbers are printed from 1 to N-1 i.e 1 to 29, at the step size of 3.

Out of the three parameters, i.e. start, stop and step, the required parameter is stop. By default, the start parameter has default value 0 and the default step parameter is 1. 

You can also use this:

Here, we have used the length of list as the stop parameter. 

Alright! Time to practice some questions. We have answered them for you. If you are stuck, don’t hesitate to seek help.

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