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Pandas Most Asked Questions – Part 2

Pandas Most Asked Questions
This is the second part of the Pandas Most Asked Questions, in the first part we touch base on the basics of Pandas. The sole aim of the post is to cover around 50-60 most asked Pandas questions asked in the Analytics interview (Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business intelligence Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Analyst)

Pandas Most Asked Questions

Pandas Most Asked Questions – 11 to 20

Microsoft Word – Final_Pandas_Neha.docx

11. What is the name of pandas library tools used to create a scatter plot matrix?
Scatter_matrix is used to create a scatter_plot matrix.

12. What is the describe() method in pandas ?

The describe method is used for calculating mean, min, max and standard deviation of each column of the dataset. It analyzes both numeric and object series.

Syntax : dataframe.describe()

13. How to Covert Json(Javascript object notation) data into Dataframe ?
JSON is a widely used data format for data interchange on the web. We can convert JSON files into data frames by using the pandas library.

14. What is pylab?
PyLab is a package that contains Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib into a single namespace.

15. How to convert Api into Dataframe?
We can create Api into dataframe:

# Here we import the request module to fetch the Api import requests
import json

# url for the dataframe
url = ‘’ resp = requests.get(url)
data = resp.json()

# Creating the DataFrame
issues = pd.DataFrame(data, columns=[‘number’, ‘title’,

‘labels’, ‘state’])

16. How to Convert the First Character of Each element in a series to uppercase?

# This is our given Series
Ser = pd.Series([‘the ‘ , ‘data’ , ‘monk’]) # Solution 1 x :x.title())
#Solution 2
pd.Series([ i.title() for i in Ser])

17. How to Calculate the number of characters in each word in a series?

# Input
ser = pd.Series([‘The’, ‘data’, ‘monk’])

# Solution x: len(x))

18. how many minimum number of arguments do we require to pass in pandas Series ?

We have to pass min 1 argument in pandas Series.

19. How to get the items of Series X not present in Series Y?

import pandas as pd
#Series 1
p1 = pd.Series([2, 4, 6, 8, 10])
# Series 2
p2 = pd.Series([8, 10, 12, 14, 16]) p1[~p1.isin(p2)]

20. How can we convert Series to dataframe ?

We can convert Series into dataframe by using to_frame function.

# Input data
s = pd.Series([“a”, “b”, “c”], name=”column”)
# Conversion of Series into dataframe s.to_frame()

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