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OYO Rooms Data Analyst Interview Questions | Day 6

Topic – OYO Rooms Data Analyst Interview Questions
Designation – Data Analyst
Location – Gurugram
Years of Experience – Fresher to 3 years
Salary – 12 to 18 LPA
Expertise Required – SQL and Problem Solving
OYO Rooms Data Analyst Interview Questions

OYO Rooms Data Analyst Interview Questions
OYO Rooms Data Analyst Interview Questions

There were 4 to 5 rounds in the recruitment process, the number of rounds depend on the candidate’s performance in the technical round.

Round 1 – Written SQL round
Round 2 – SQL (based on the questions asked in the first round)
Round 3 – Project-based questions and statistics (basic)
Round 4 – Case Study
Round 5 – Hiring Manager as well as case study

Round 1 – Written SQL round

There were 4 SQL questions(mostly from Hacker Rank) that need to be solved in 1 hour.
Question split:-
– 2 easy
– 1 medium
– 2 hard

List of Hacker Rank questions to practice before the interview
Interview Questions
15 Days of Learning SQL

Medium-Level Questions:-
New companies

For easy questions, concentrate on the basics of rank, lead, lag, and aggregate functions.

Round 2 – SQL Interview

This round was mostly around the written questions asked in the previous round and the approach of your solution. You need to have at least 3 correct answers to get to this round

Tips – Concentrate on communicating the approach, the questions in this round is completely on the 5 written questions, so you can revise the approach or concepts of these questions before the second round.

Round 3 – Project Based Questions and Statistics

I had a project in Machine Learning (ARIMA forecasting) so questions were mostly around the problem that we were trying to solve and some statistics concepts:-
– What is the p-value?
– What is correlation? Give an example of a negative correlation
– Complete walk-through of the ARIMA model
– What is multicollinearity?
– Difference between regression and classification model
– What is the degree of freedom?

Questions were mostly based on the type of project that you had written in your resume and the statistics or concepts associated with it.

So, for this round do prepare your project in as much detail as possible

Round 4 – Case Study

The technical rounds were the most important rounds. If you have performed decently in the first 3 rounds then there is a high chance of converting the role.

Case Study asked to me – How can Netflix increase its revenue by 50% in the next couple of years?
It was a mix of guesstimates and business case studies.

So, I started with some approx numbers and their current split.
For Example – Netflix has a total revenue of $100 Million and they are currently in 4 verticals and 10 countries. The current verticals are Hollywood, Bollywood, TV Series, and Other Country shows. The 10 countries are India, the USA, the UK, and 7 more small population countries.
Assumption – India has 60% of the total revenue and 100% of the revenue is coming from Bollywood movies.

After a set of assumptions, we had to discuss the approach, the important points that we discussed were:-
– Moving to or acquiring already performing OTT or their most-watched series
– Advertisement to screen time ratio. To either increase the advertisement length or the frequency of it in a show or movie
– Reducing the number of users that can use one subscription in parallel
– Making a provision of taking the phone numbers that would be associated with one account at the time a user is buying the subscription. This will reduce the frequency of distribution of subscription

There were discussions on each of these points, you just need to bring as many diverse points in the discussion as possible. Do comment your approach in the comment box below.

Round 5 – Hiring Manager Round

This round was mostly around cultural fit wherein the candidate’s previous experience was checked along with the work culture he/she was working in.
But, I was asked one more question i.e. to decide the price of a micro stay in OYO rooms. SO, OYO rooms were moving to a micro stay model where you can book a room for 6-12 hours, so the question was to have a dynamic rate charter for the booking of the room.

My approach was to have a Linear Regression model to get the rate of the room. And the independent variables that I suggested were:-
– Daily price of the room
– Day of booking
– Price of the adjacent rooms
– Time of booking
– Customer Life Time Value who is booking the room
– Number of rooms and number of booked rooms for that day
– Holiday season impact

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Important Resources to crack interviews (Mostly Free)

There are a few things that might be very useful for your preparation

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All the list of 200 videos
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Keep Learning !!


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