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Hello World | Python for Data Science | Day 2

Hello Pyfans! 
In the previous article, we discussed Python installation. Now it’s time for us to dive into the code. For any programming language, the very first program is “Hello, World!”. The famous “Hello, World!” program is used to illustrate the basic syntax of a language.  So, let’s acquaint ourselves with the environment and write our first line of code in Python to embark on this incredible journey of learning!

For this article, we will be using IDLE to write our first Python program. 

STEP 1: As we demonstrated in the previous tutorial, IDLE is automatically installed when you download Python. If you have trouble finding IDLE, just type IDLE in the Start menu’s Search bar and hit enter. 

STEP 2: When you click on IDLE in the search results, the Shell screen will appear as displayed below.

STEP 3: Click on File in the Menu Bar and select New File. The untitled screen shown below will appear. This is the space where we will type the code.

STEP 4: Now type the following line of code:

print(“Hello, World!”)

The line, when typed, will appear as shown below:

STEP 5: To run the file, hit the F5 key on the keyboard. The following pop-up box will appear.

STEP 6: Click OK. Give a name to your file and save it in your preferable location on the computer. 

STEP 7: As soon as you click “Save”, the following Shell window will appear with your output.

Congratulatulations! With this tutorial, you have written your first line of code in Python. All the adventure starts with the first step.

A brief about the print statement:

In Python, the print() function is used to print content on the console. Let’s identify its structure.

                         print(“Hello World!”)

The contents of the brackets are the words to be printed on the console. These words are written within inverted commas. The print function is used for various purposes.

It can be used to display messages to prompt the user for entering inputs, displaying output, etc.

To learn more about the usage of print, you may also refer to

Follow us along your Python journey. We promise to make it super easy and fun for you 🙂

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