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How to learn Python for Data Science?

Python is one of those languages which is present in almost all of the computer science domain, you can use it in Web Development, Software Development, Data Science, and even in building games.

Here we will talk about, how to learn python for data science?

To learn Python for Data science, all you need is 2-3 hours of daily time for another one month or so.

The strategy is simple and will not cost you much

 learn python for data science

To learn Python for Data Science you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Start with any online tutorial like w3schools or tutorials point to clear your basic syntaxes.

You can also try our articles below which starts with installing Python and will take you to a decent level of syntax understanding


Welcome to Python –
Python Basics
Conditional Statement –
Loops in Python –
Functions in Python –

You can also read the first one and a half hour of this Youtube tutorial –

Data Science interview questions

Step 2:- Understand Visualization in Python

Visualization –
Reading and Writing Files –

Tricky Interview Questions –

Step 3 Once you are good with the basic concepts, then directly jump to the most solved Hackathon i.e.

Kaggle Titanic Problem –

We will be appending this with other resources as well, so please bookmark this page.

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