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Free Seminar and Mock Interview to make a career in Analytics Domain

How to make a career in the Analytics domain?
Our complete website is focused on helping you make a career in the analytics domain. We have interview questions, videos, case studies, quizzes, and everything that might help you become a better candidate in an interview. We want to expand our horizon and will start a few more ways in which we can help

Free Seminars on How to make a career in Analytics Domain

We get regular messages from individual people, college TnP representatives, and professors

-How to actually start the preparation and how much time will it take to start giving interviews
-How to start or take the first step?
-How much should I concentrate on SQL and Python?
-Should I learn Tableau or Power BI?
-I want to move from IT Support to analytics, should I join this course from ‘ABC Institute’?
-Which are the important algorithms to start with?
-Can I make a transition after 5 years of support work or automation work?
-What is the day-to-day task of someone in the analytics domain?

And the list goes on, we try to cater to these questions to the best of our knowledge, we have now decided to dedicate an hour specifically for these queries every Sunday, so fill the below form if you are:-

– A college TnP representative want to have a seminar for your branch or college
– A group of friends who want to make a transition
– Any individual who wants to understand analytics

Then just fill out this google form and we will either provide you separate time (participant>40) or club you in a group.

These seminars will be hosted on Google Meets and will be around 11:00 on Sunday.
These seminars are completely free for now 🙂

Google Form for Seminars

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are one of the pain points of people who want to make a career in Analytics domain. You can learn a lot from youtube, Analytics Vidhya, etc. But how to check yourself?
We have decided to start a mock interview series where you can check your preparedness and work on your weaknesses.

These mock interviews will be scheduled in off-hours(early morning or late evening) to cater to the mentor’s daily work schedule. Since this will be a 1:1 interaction, it is chargeable.

If you are from a college or a group of people then do reach out to [email protected] for bulk interviews

If you want to make a career or switch in Analytics in 2022 in one of the following domains:-
-Data Analyst
-Business Analyst
-Business Intelligence Engineer
-Data Scientist
-Product Analyst
-Analytics Manager
-Analytics Consultant

It’s a paid pack of two mock interviews, each being 1 hour long wherein we will be taking interview for 40 minutes and detailed feedback for the next 20 minutes. The next mock interview should ideally be after 8 to 14 days so that you work on the feedback. But, one can definitely change the schedule according to their use case.

2 mock interviews – Rs.1000
1 mock interview – Rs.750
4 mock interviews in 1 month – Rs. 1800

Since all the mentors are working professionals, so the interviews will be after/before the working hour(mostly after 8 pm)

Link to fill the mock Interview form

Books and resources

No Sir, we are good with the books and these are enough to get me selected. Well, there are at least 1000 students who have bagged 2+ offers reading our books and blogs on a daily basis. So you can try the below way too:-

[For fresher and 0-3 YOE]

Crack any analytics or data science interview with our 1400+ interview questions which focus on multiple domains i.e. SQL, R, Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Visualization

[0-5 YOE]

1200+ Interview Questions on all the important Machine Learning algorithms (including complete Python code) Ada Boost, CNN, ANN, Forecasting (ARIMA, SARIMA, ARIMAX), Clustering, LSTM, SVM, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Sentiment Analysis, NLP, K-Mean

[0-7 YOE]

2000+ interview questions on all the 12 ML Algorithm (the one mentioned above) with questions on AWS, PCA, Data Preprocessing, Python, Numpy, Pandas, and loads of case studies

For any more questions please comment below

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