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How to apply for Analytics jobs?

How to apply for Analytics jobs?
Lately I have seen articles on Linkedin about people looking for job. This brief article is for all those people who are into job-hunting. There is a possibility that you are doing everything correct but are not getting any calls, but do go through the following post if you want to make a career in Analytics
How to apply for Analytics jobs?

How to apply for Analytics jobs?

This article is straight from heart and it is just to help everyone understand how to approach a job hunt. I will only be dealing with Analytics domain i.e. Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analysts, Analytics Manager, etc.

Your company might have laid you off because their business got hit by COVID or due to any reason. Now, how to deal with this?

First and foremost, understand that your employer let you go because they are hit hard w.r.t. revenue. You can’t do much to this fact. Don’t have any ill emotion to your employer because eventually it helped you in providing you with job experience. Let the emotion sync in and then start.

You can take a couple of days off. Relax !!
It’s completely normal to be out of job(unless and until you and your family have food on your plate). If not, then don’t take off and do whatever it takes to arrange

I have shared the below approach with many people in the Analytics domain and it has worked well for them.

Start with your resume, give at least 2 days to create your resume. It’s a one time investment and it is worth the time. No need to take up any template, you can use a simple word file, put some bullet points and that’s it

I get multiple requests to check a resume, following are some of the golden rules

Name, college, phone number, branch on the top left
3 bullet points for 10th,12th, and graduation marks (No matter how bad or good the marks are)

Number of project description
1 or 2 projects for anyone with less than <1 years of experience
2 or 3 projects for anyone with 1-3 years of experience
3 or 4 projects for anyone with 3-5 years of experience

Each project description should have the following pointers
Name of project – Organization – Duration
Description – 2 lines
Tools and technologies used – 1 line

Mention any certification which you earned after 3rd or 4th year of graduation

2-3 extra-curricular activities


If you have less than 5 years of experience then your resume should not go beyond one and a half page (including declaration)

Don’t :
1. Write 7-8 projects in description
2. Write 8-10 lines in each project
3. Mention 10-15 certifications or extra-curricular activities
4. forget to mention your marks in 10th,12th, and graduation
5. Write MS Word, Windows 2010, Macbook Air in tools

You can ping me your resume at or

Once your resume is ready, now it’s time to update your profile on job portals


Keep these 3 updating after every 3-5 days.

My personal tip – Go for Naukri’s premium service for 3 months, this might help you

Go to Facebook and join Analytics opportunites groups
Take a premium service of Linkedin(free for first month)

Update your Linkedin profile !!

Now comes the preparation part, no one will give you a job because your graduated from some elite college or because you have managed to get few awards in the last organization. You need to be prepared for all the rounds.

Take on subject per week, suppose you start with SQL for week 1, go through basic videos or materials on the first day and try to go through interview questions from any website. This post is not for marketing our blog, but you can actually give it a try.
150+ SQL interview questions
Our whole website is filled with interview questions, and everything is free. Create your profile and start answering.
Spend the next 4-5 days on solving interview questions. Interviewer will seldom ask you definitions but they will certainly ask you concepts

You need to give one week on each of the below topics
Machine Learning algorithms

You can get a detailed approach here – How to become a Data Scientist

Buy 5 notebooks of classmate (200 pages each) and try to fill it in one week.

Once all these are done, you will be a very strong candidate in any interview. Whenever you get rejected, just make sure you write it down in your notebook about the errors you made.

After a few rejections, you will get a good job and you will be far far ahead of where you were a few months back.

Remember – You will get rejected till you don’t match companies expectation. If you are preparing for Facebook,Google, Amazon then you have to make sure you cross their bench mark with your knowledge.

You will keep on getting rejected till you actually get better in your domain. Once you get better, there is no looking back.

If you have any question, no matter how small or naive, just comment it down. Share it with someone if they need this.

You can always message me Linkedin

Nitin Kamal

About TheDataMonkGrand Master

I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 6+ years of analytics experience 3+ years at Mu Sigma 2 years at OYO 1 year and counting at The Data Monk I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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    Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. Good evening sir, would you please share resources of interview questions of machine learning , statistics and excel?!

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