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Data Science books

The Data Monk have more than 30 e-books on Amazon. Below are the links and a small description of each book. We also have a couple of offers on direct purchase.

How to crack a job in Analytics domain (Data Science/Data Analyst)?
A detailed approach has been shared on our blog, please read it here.

Data Science books

Data Science books

Case Study and Guesstimates for Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and MBA candidates
This is a must book for any applying for the above domain, why?
Because in every hiring process there are at least 2 rounds which focuses on the problem solving approach of the candidate. The above book contains real interview case studies and guesstimates which will definitely build a good base.

Crack your next Data Science interview with 300+ interview questions
This book contains more than 300 questions covering all the essential topics:-
1. Problem Solving
2. Statistics
3. Aptitude
4. Guesstimate
5. Python and R
6. SQL and Excel
7. Project Description

Data Science books
What do they ask in the top Data Science interviews? 5 complete Data Science interview process with all the questions and answers
The best way to learn something is via Questions and Answers. If you are planning to switch to Data Science domain then you should know the questions coming into your ways in the interviews. We have combined a complete Data Science experience from Flipkart, Myntra, Oyo Rooms, Tredence, and Meredith India. Give it a try before going to any interview

What do they ask in top Data Science interview – Part 2
In this book we have covered Amazon, Accenture, Sapient, Deloitte, and BookMyShow. The same pattern as the first part i.e. complete interview process, questions, answers and salary

112 Questions to crack Analytics interview using SQL
SQL is the bread and butter of our analytics industry and there will be a lot of questions on this topic. The good part is that these questions have very limited number of tricky questions and we have it all in this book.

100 Questions to crack Data Science interview
Now Data Science is a lot different from Data Analysts profile, so a good hands on experience on this book will help you in numerous ways in your Data Science interview

100 Puzzles and Case Studies to crack Data Science interview
If you struggle in Case Studies then cover both the books i.e. Case Studies and Guesstimate one and this book. A good number of puzzles and case studies asked in interviews

125 Python Interview Questions
This is a book for the beginners, complete any course on Tutorials Point or w3school, then hop on this book and after that solve some questions on Hacker Rank. You would be good to go in any Python interview.

100 Questions to learn R in 6 hours
The same as the book on Python. Follow the same strategy to master R

100 Questions in R to crack Data Science interview
A medium difficulty level book on R

Learn Statistics using Python
A must have book to clear all your statistics concept and implementation in Python without using any in-built function. Go for it if you want to go in core analytics

Write better SQL Queries and SQL interview questions
This book is created to help your SQL coder understand the difference between a code and a sustainable code.
The first part deal with all the resources you need to know to practice SQL queries. It includes some of the important command which you need to master
The second part deal with all the important concepts and ways to write a better SQL query. If you have followed the first part religiously, then the second part will make you more mature. You will start dealing with the codes in a different way.
The third part will contain some of the most important interview and tricky questions. This section will definitely enhance your skills

A complete Data Science stress interview with 100+ questions
The book contains a complete stress interview of one of the candidates that went for over 4 hours with more than 100 questions on various topics like SQL, Python, Statistics, MS Excel, and Linear Regression.
Do give it a try before your Data Science interview

The Monk who knew Linear Regression – Complete Guide
A book on Linear Regression which will help you understand the concepts in a very layman’s term and in the form of a story

100 Questions to Master Forecasting in R
Forecasting is used in almost all the domains of Data Science, be it Telecom, Retail, Search Engine, etc. There are multiple algorithms to predict a value in Data Science but Linear Regression and ARIMA are the most used ones. In this book we have taken a real data of Number of Pizzas sold in a restaurant and have applied Linear Regression, ARIMA, and ARIMAX with complete code and explanation achieving an accuracy of 95%. Do give a try to understand the basics to intermediate level of Forecasting

How to start a career in Data Science
A complete guide on how to prepare and where to prepare for Data Science interviews

Top interview Questions from Adobe Analytics
If you want to explore Adobe Analytics and would like to include it in your resume, then all you need to do is to give this book a read

100 Hadoop interview questions

Complete ARIMA and Linear Regression project
You don’t have any real life analytics project in your previous organization?
Go through the above book twice and you would understand a complete project from head to toe

There are many more books which are present on Amazon under our publication i.e. TheDataMonk. We will keep on updating this page.

The Data Monk Interview Books – Don’t Miss

Now we are also available on our website where you can directly download the PDF of the topic you are interested in. At Amazon, each book costs ~299, on our website we have put it at a 60-80% discount. There are ~4000 solved interview questions prepared for you.

10 e-book bundle with 1400 interview questions spread across SQL, Python, Statistics, Case Studies, and Machine Learning Algorithms – Ideal for 0-3 years experienced candidates

23 E-book with ~2000 interview questions spread across AWS, SQL, Python, 10+ ML algorithms, MS Excel, and Case Studies – Complete Package for someone between 0 to 8 years of experience (The above 10 e-book bundle has a completely different set of e-books)

12 E-books for 12 Machine Learning algorithms with 1000+ interview questions – For those candidates who want to include any Machine Learning Algorithm in their resume and to learn/revise the important concepts. These 12 e-books are a part of the 23 e-book package

Individual 50+ e-books on separate topics

Important Resources to crack interviews (Mostly Free)

There are a few things which might be very useful for your preparation

The Data Monk Youtube channel – Here you will get only those videos that are asked in interviews for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Engineers, Analytics managers, etc.
Go through the watchlist which makes you uncomfortable:-

All the list of 200 videos
Complete Python Playlist for Data Science
Company-wise Data Science Interview Questions – Must Watch
All important Machine Learning Algorithm with code in Python
Complete Python Numpy Playlist
Complete Python Pandas Playlist
SQL Complete Playlist
Case Study and Guesstimates Complete Playlist
Complete Playlist of Statistics

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