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Myntra Senior Business Analyst Interview Questions

Company – Myntra
Year – 2019
Profile – Senior Business Analyst(3+ Years of Exp.)
Rounds – 3 or 4 (depends on your technical round)

Round 1
-Written SQL round – ~50 MCQ questions (Intermediate level)
– Non-elimination round(unless you do as pathetic as 15/50)
– Go through or follow
-Some of the questions which I remember were on the following line:-
a. Dry run the code and give the output
b. Optimising SQL sub-query codes
c. Which command is executed first(sequence of execution of commands)
d. Output of left/right join in the following table

Table A = 1,1,1
Table B = 1,1,1,1,1

d. How to do a look-up in SQL?
e. Difference between – union and union all, count() and count(distinct()), left outer join and right outer join

f. Some functions to test your knowledge about casting, ex. how would you get the sum of a column which have floating values but there datatype is varchar
A. – sum(cast(column as double))

g. Difference between NA,Null, and NaN. And how to deal with it in SQL

Round 2
Technical and Case Study Interview Questions
1. What is your role in the current company?<Answer Accordingly)

2. What all tools, technologies and languages you have worked on ?
-Power BI and Tableau

3. What is a normal distribution?
– It is a type of probability distribution
– A Normal curve is also called Bell curve which looks like the above diagram. Here x-axis is the value that the x variable can take and y-axis is the probability of the values of x
– A bell curve is symmetric around mean
– 68% of the total population lies within first standard deviation 

4. Give a real life example of Normal Distribution.
– You can take up any example like height of employees in your organisation or weight or salary of employees

5. How to get the second largest salary from a salary table with employee id and salary?(Standard Question)
FROM Table_Name
WHERE Salary NOT IN (SELECT MAX(Salary) FROM Table_Name);

5. How would you get the standard deviation of a column in SQL without using stddev() function?
Something on the below line is correct

select sqrt(avg(var))
from (select square(t.x - avg(t.x) over ()) as var
      from t
     ) t;

6. How would you work on creating a new recommendation engine for Myntra?
This question occupied a lot of time.
I asked for 5 minutes to channelize my thought process. Below were some of the data nodes on which I proposed my recommendation engine
-Type of items bought in the last 2 months
-Type of items bought in the last 5 purchase
-Preference of People buying the same content
-Session time on the pages where he did proceed to next step but cancelled it
-If the customer had a conversation with the chat-bot about a specific item
-Shelf-life of the items bought in the last 10 transactions as those items might have expired

There were a lot of back and forth on these points.

7. What are the measure of shapes?
Go through the complete link below before your interview, there will be at least 20% questions on these lines

8. Define correlation and regression(both linear and logistic regression)

9. Create a list which should include a list, a vector, and a matrix
10. Matrix multiplication in R

Link –

10. Evaluation of a model(Since I had a simple forecasting project on my resume)
11. What is ROC curve?

This round was around 1.5 hours long.
I received a good feedback from the panel(as mentioned by the HR) and was asked to wait for the 3rd and the last round

Round 3 – Case Study, Guesstimate, Project questions

The round started with a formal introduction, then I was given a case study

“Suppose you have a restaurant and there is a crunch of sitting space, apart from that you have one kitchen door which is generally crowded with the waiters and food delivery guys which leads to delay in serving the food. Would you like to create room for one more small window to expand the kitchen and make the service quicker?
What will be the impact on the already small sitting space?
How to optimise the above scenario?”

The detailed approach is provided in the link below

This case study went for around 25-30 mins

It was followed by a simple guesstimate to estimate the area of a railway station

Hint –

Now there were some scenario based questions to check if i have managerial skills, below are the questions:-
1. Suppose there are two people who are up for the position of Team Lead, out of these two, Amit is good at coding and below par in communication. On the other hand Aman is good at communication but poor in coding. Which one would you promote?

2. How would you make sure that out of 20 employees under you, all the deliverables which are sent are of top quality?
(You can’t check each deliverable)

I got a positive response from the team on the same day.

Keep Learning 🙂

The Data Monk

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