Myntra Data Science Interview Questions

´╗┐Company – Myntra
Year – 2018
Profile – Business Analyst(2+ Years of Exp.)
Rounds – 3

Round 1
-Written SQL round – ~50 MCQ questions (Intermediate level)
– Non-elimination round(unless you do as pathetic as 15/50)
– Go through or follow

Round 2
Technical and Case Study Interview Questions
1. What is your role in the current company?<Answer Accordingly)
2. What all tools,technologies and languages you have worked on ?
-Power BI and Tableau
3. What is a normal distribution?
– It is a type of probability distribution
– A Normal curve is also called Bell curve which looks like the above diagram. Here x-axis is the value that the x variable can take and y-axis is the probability of the values of x
– A bell curve is symmetric around mean
– 68% of the total population lies within first standard deviation 
4. Give a real life example of Normal Distribution.
– You can take up any example like height of employees in your organization or weight or salary of employees
5. How to get the second largest salary from a salary table with employee id and salary?(Standard Question)
FROM Table_Name
WHERE Salary NOT IN (SELECT MAX(Salary) FROM Table_Name);

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