Guesstimate 3 – What are the number of smartphones sold in India per year?

Population of India : 1200 mn

Population above poverty line: 70% 840 mn

Population below 14 years: 30%

Hence, proxy figure: 588 mn

Rural Population (70%) : 410 mn

Rural Households: 82 Mn

Rural Mobile Penetration: Avg 2 per household- 164 Mn

In rural areas assume that a new mobile is bought once in 3 years. Hence, new mobiles bought In current year- 55 Mn

Urban (30%) :176 Mn

Assume Avg No of Mobiles per person : 1.5

Urban Mobile Penetration: 265 Mn

Assuming that a new mobile is bought once in 1.5 years. Hence new mobiles in current year- 176 Mn

Total New Mobiles: 231 mn

Assuming 3 out of 10 new mobiles are smartphones.

No. of smartphones sold=70 Mn

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