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Amazon Data Science Interview Questions | Day 12

Today is Day 12 and from today onwards we will take one company at a time and will try to solve 10 questions asked in these interviews.
We will start with Amazon Data Science Interview Questions.
The questions of Day 12 will have mixed questions asked in the third round.
Try to solve all of the following Amazon Data Science interview questions.

Amazon Data Science Interview Questions

If you are wondering where to read all the Questions asked in these Data Science interviews, then Do follow this link –

Following are the 10 Amazon Data Science questions

Statistics –
Measure of Dispersion –
Joining two tables –
*args –
describe –
Sort a dictionary by key –
Remove duplicate from List –
Remove duplicate from List without Set command –

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Try to answer all these questions by yourself or with the help of google 😛

In order to practice more courses on Data Science, we definitely recommend Data Camp

Practice all the questions posted over here, try to make sure that you attempt the questions. we evaluate answers every now and then and provide particular feedback on your performace

If you want any guidance or want to make a career in Data Science, then you can take a look on our proposed Data science path

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Keep Learning 🙂

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