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Affine Analytics Interview Questions

Company – Affine Analytics
Location – Bangalore
Position – Senior Business Analyst
Experience – 3+ years

Compensation – Best in the industry

Number of Rounds – 4

I received a call from the Technical HR who scheduled the telephonic round for the next day

Round 1 – Telephonic Round (Mostly SQL and Project)
I was asked to introduce myself and then the discussion went towards my recent project at Mu Sigma. We had a good discussion on Regression Techniques, a bit on statistics.

The project description was followed by few questions on SQL (the answers to these questions are present in various articles on the website, links are at the end of the interview)

1. What is the order of SQL query execution?
2. You have two tables with one column each. The table A has 5 values and all the values are 1 i.e. 1,1,1,1,1 and Table B has 3 values and all the values are 1 i.e. 1,1,1.

How many rows will be there if we do the following
1. Left Join
2. Right Join
3. Inner Join

3. A quick guesstimate on number of Iphones sold in India per year

Hint in the below link –

4. What is a RANK() function? How is it different from ROW_NUMBER()?

5. How to fetch only even rows from a table?

Link to Question 4 and 5 –

6. What are the measures of Central Tendency

The telephonic round went for around 1 hour:-
Introduction – 10 minutes
Project – 30 minutes
Questions – 20 minutes

I was shortlisted for the further rounds.
All together the face-to-face interviews were divided into 3 rounds
Round 1 – SQL and R/Python
Round 2 – Statistics
Round 3 – Case Study and HR questions

Round 1
There were ~20 questions on SQL and some questions on Language.
Below are the questions which I remember:-
1. Optimising a SQL code
2. Doing a sum on a column with Null values
Hint – Use Coalesce
3. How to find count of duplicate rows?
4. Use of Lag function
Link –
5. Life cycle of a project
6. How to find the second minimum salary?
7. How to get 3 Min salaries?
8. DDL, DML, and DCL commands

There were few more questions on Joins and optimising inner query codes.
Overall difficulty level- 8/10

There were 5 questions on Python/R –

Loading a csv/text file
Writing code of Linear Regression (As it was mentioned on my resume)
Doing a right join in either of the language
Removing null value from a column

Round 3 – Statistics

How to calculate IQR?
What is positive skewness and negative skewness?
What are the two types of regression?
What is multiple linear regression?
What is Logistic Regression?
What is p-value and give an example?

These questions were discussed in detail and I power the explanation with real life examples.

Bonus tips – Do look for good examples

Round 4 – Case Study and HR Questions

How many laptops are sold in Bangalore in a Day ?

Business Case Study – There is a mobile company which is very popular in Other Asian countries. The company is planning to open it’s branch in the most popular mall of Bangalore.
What should be the strategy of the company?
How can you use freely available data to plan the marketing of the campaigns?
How can you use Digital marketing to create campaigns for the company?

These questions were followed by:-
Why do you want to change the company?
How is the work in your current organisation?

I got the confirmation in 2 working days.

This was it 

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