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Welcome to Ask me

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The Data Monk – Vision

The Data Monk has been helping analytics professionals crack interviews and develop their skills.

Our vision is to provide the best study material and interview preparation material from the best of the mentors at a very affordable price.

We have helped thousands of students transition their careers from IT Support/Call Center/ Testing/Low paying Analytics jobs to Data Analyst/Business Analyst/Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer/Business Intelligence Engineer. All you need to do is to get any book of your interest and complete it in 15-20 days(very doable)

We are a group of volunteers from product-based companies like Amazon, Meta, Flipkart, Uber, OYO Rooms, Zepto, Myntra, Mu Sigma, etc. and we have created this platform for the following purpose:

– To help you in understanding the difference between knowledge and cracking interviews
– To understand how to work on a real-time project
– To develop skills around what is actually required in the Analytics domain
– We provide directed study material that aims on making you comfortable in a topic and a strong candidate in the interview

How do we help?

We have multiple services, blogs, and books that have helped 20,000+ users in developing/upskilling their analytics abilities.

We are old-school, so we believe in preparing in a very simple but effective way.

All the books available on are written in a question-and-answer format, wherein the topic is split into 50/100/150/200 questions starting with the very basic and making you reach a 7 on 10 level. We do not aim at making you an expert in a particular domain(because your job will help you do that)

All you need to do is to follow our approach and practice 30-40 questions per day from our book.

We are well known for our interview books and have 70+ e-book across Amazon and The Data Monk e-shop page . Following are best-seller combo packs and services that we are providing as of now

  1. YouTube channel covering all the interview-related important topics in SQL, Python, MS Excel, Machine Learning Algorithm, Statistics, and Direct Interview Questions
    Link – The Data Monk Youtube Channel
  2. Website – ~2000 completed solved Interview questions in SQL, Python, ML, and Case Study
    Link – The Data Monk website
  3. E-book shop – We have 70+ e-books available on our website and 3 bundles covering 2000+ solved interview questions. Do check it out
    Link – The Data E-shop Page
  4. Instagram Page – It covers only Most asked Questions and concepts (100+ posts). We have 100+ most asked interview topics explained in simple terms
    Link – The Data Monk Instagram page
  5. Mock Interviews/Career Guidance/Mentorship/Resume Making
    Book a slot on Top Mate

We know that each domain requires a different type of preparation, so we have divided our books in the same way:

1. 2200 Interview Questions to become Full Stack Analytics Professional – 2200 Most Asked Interview Questions
2.Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer -> 23 e-books covering all the ML Algorithms Interview Questions
3. 30 Days Analytics Course – Most Asked Interview Questions from 30 crucial topics

You can check out all the other e-books on our e-shop page – Do not miss it

For any information related to courses or e-books, please send an email to