550 SQL Interview Questions to crack Any Analytics interview

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550 SQL Interview Questions to crack Any Analytics Interview
Data analyst/Business Analyst/Business intelligence Engineer is one of the Analytics jobs that has a huge job potential. You can apply to any product or service-based company.

CTC offered for Analytics Role  –
12 to 20 LPA for Level 1 (0 to 4 YOE)
20 to 35 LPA for Level 2 (Senior level – 4 to 7 YOE )
35 to 50 LPA for Level 3 (Team Lead or Manager – 7 to 9 YOE)
50 to 80 LPA for Level 4 (Manager or Senior Manager – 9 to 12 YOE)

Tools and Technologies required
SQL – 9/10
Python – 7/10
Visualization tool (Power BI or Tableau) – Good to have

In this book, we have covered 1000 questions along with answers that will help you with any sort of job profile related to Data Analyst.

The book is helpful for anyone with 0 to 8 years of experience

SQL – 250 Questions
SQL Solved Questions from Leetcode, GFG, Hackerrank, and other websites – 100 Questions
SQLZoo complete solution – 100 Questions
ETL and Data Warehouse Questions
100 questions
JSON Tutorial in SQL

Additionally, get 800 SQL Questions and SQL cheatsheet that are created by some of the most renowned SQL teachers for free. This is not a proprietory of The Data Monk and we are making this available for your benefit

You can quickly complete these 550 questions in like 20 days and can crack 7 out of 10 interviews.

You can also make payment directly on UPI – 9798049301@ybl and share a screenshot of the payment to to get your ebook via email


550 SQL Interview Questions to crack Any Analytics Interview

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    Link – The Data Monk website
  3. E-book shop – We have 70+ e-books available on our website and 3 bundles covering 2000+ solved interview questions

➡️ For Fresher to 7 Years of Experience

2000+ interview questions on 12 ML Algorithm,AWS, PCA, Data Preprocessing, Python, Numpy, Pandas, and 100s of case studies

➡️For Fresher to 1-3 Years of Experience
Crack any analytics or data science interview with our 1400+ interview questions which focus on multiple domains i.e. SQL, R, Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Visualization

➡️ For 2-5 Years of Experience
1200+ Interview Questions on all the important Machine Learning algorithms (including complete Python code) Ada Boost, CNN, ANN, Forecasting (ARIMA, SARIMA, ARIMAX), Clustering, LSTM, SVM, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Sentiment Analysis, NLP, K-Mean

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