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What kind of data is important for specific business requirements and how, as a data scientist will you go about collecting that data?

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  1. Data and its sources depend on the business problem we will solve for. And the business problem may belong to a specific business unit of the company. Since we are talking of Zomato here and not of an analytics consulting firm, BUs such as finance, marketing and operations would have their different data, collected through similar sources (app and website of Zomato). Say, as a data scientist, I would be working with the marketing team of Zomato. Then, I would use the data collected, for tracking marketing KPIs and designing recommendation engines. If the internal data does not suffice, we can get third party data too, which can be merged with the data we currently have, at the same granular level. We have to ensure that the data we have collected, would be able to answer any business questions which may arise. This is a repetitive process and takes time. Once done with this, we turn to data processing, which takes its own time and effort.

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