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How to increase the marketing of online games?

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  1. 1) Ads can be shown in between games who fall under similar genre.
    2) Target specific users who show high propensity of coming on the platform.
    3) Use Social Media Platforms for advertising.
    4) Create a blog for games.

  2. First, let us understand the current state of marketing and brand awareness of our online game. We would have data on our customer base (no. of active users, new users added every month and users leaving every month). We would also have data on our marketing campaigns (media vehicle – YT,Social Media, Radio, TV etc.) – clicks, impressions, cost, conversions and revenue made through these channels.
    To design our marketing, we would first identify the various segments we cater to (from our customer base). Once done with that, we find out the segment growing the most, most sizeable, most revenue-generating, with least drop-off. If our aim is to increase our customer base, then we focus on growing segment; if our aim is to reduce attrition, we focus on the most sizeable segment which has the highest drop-off. We come up with one target persona for our online games and position ourselves accordingly.
    Some ways of increasing our reach-
    1. Posting ads and articles on gaming blogs and websites.
    2. Partnerships with popular streamers/gamers on YT and FB.
    3. Sponsor gaming tournaments hosted on our app (will increase user base, even if momentarily).
    4. Improving SEO ranking and work on SEM (Will work if search engine is a major media).
    5. Click-through ads and posts on social media (FB and Instagram) – targeting those who follow related pages and gamers and their gaming streams.

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