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Ola Case Study for Analyst | Case Study 1

OLA case study
Case studies are generally asked in all the rounds with a dedicated round for itself. Case Studies help the interviewer understand the business understanding of the candidate and it also helps them analyze if the candidate has had his homework or not.
We have a series of 3 case studies for Ola. Would request you to go through these questions and try to answer it yourself.
OLA case study

Ola Case Study

This is the first case study

How can you help in increasing the revenue of Ola?

Now, you are supposed to ask questions like:-
-Are we looking for Ola as the cab service or do we need to consider other services provided by Ola as well. Like Uber provides UberEat, there are service tie-ups with SBI for their credit card, or if there is any current service being provided by Ola
-Why do we want to increase the revenue? Is there any dip in the previous quarter or are we looking to achieve the already determined target?

You may ask more follow up questions.

This is the time to create a strategy.

There are five ways in which you can increase the revenue of Ola.
1. Enter into new city
2. Add more services or types of cars
3. Marketing campaigns
4. Loyalty program
5. Make users open the app often by adding services other than cars(like news/place near me/etc.)

You do not have to discuss all the points, select any one where you have confidence

I will go with Add more service

Add more services
There are multiple things which you can try and test in your service.
1. Adding a ‘scenic beauty route’ where the route taken by driver is a longer but more beautiful
2. If the customer wants then you can change the ride to a ‘Town Tour’ where the driver will take you to a few places, help you find a good place to dine and then take you to your destination. Price is calculate on both time and distance
3. Add recorded tour videos on the installed app, so that a new user will have a better idea of the tourist places. Add an option to put this thing on cart and then a person can directly book the cab whenever he want to these places
4. Drivers should have some information about the bus timing, train and flight timing. So that if there is a delay, then he can plan accordingly
5. Improve on the wait time of the service

There could be a lot more to this answer. Write below the points which you think would help in increasing revenue of Ola

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