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Linear Regression Interview Questions

Linear Regression Interview Questions
In this blog we will discuss about the most asked questions in Linear Regression. We will also be sharing relevant study material and links on each topic.
This series of algorithms will be set in 3 parts
1. We will provide some link to the relevant topic from both and other websites like Analytics Vidhya, Kaggle, Data Science, etc.
2.Once you are comfortable with the concept, you can attempt the questions given below
3. For each answer, the admin will select a best answer and the top 5 users with most of the best and upvoted answers will be mentioned in the post below

Linear Regression Interview Questions.

Linear Regression Interview Questions

Actually we are not doing any rocket science here, all we need is to provide only relevant material to an aspirant where she can learn the concepts and can answers questions in a more crafted way.

Why to answer these questions? Will I get any prize?

There is no prize or anything in here, answer each question will get you 10 points and best answer earns 20 points. You can answer and climb the top user ladder. We will be tagging up with some of the start-ups to recommend top users from the website for interviews. This could be one of the perks but the one assured prize is that you will be able to comprehend a question before it is asked in any of the interviews

Important Links for Linear Regression

Assumptions of Linear Regression – Part 1
Implementation of Linear Regression – Part 2
Evaluation of Linear Regression Model – Part 3


1. What is Linear Regression  
2. What are the assumptions of Linear Regression
3. What is Auto-correlation ?
4. What is multi-variate normality ? 
5. What is Homoscedacity ? 
6. What is Multicollinearity ? 
7. What is VIF ?
8. What is Correlation Matrix ? 
9. Is it necessary to satisfy all the assumptions of Linear Regression ? 
10. What is Error Term ?

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Swapnil Lawad
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Keep Learning 🙂
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