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Data Analyst Summer Internship 2021 | The Data Monk

Those of who received the mail from The Data Monk, fill the form below
Link for Shortlisted candidates – Check your email(both primary and spam) if you have not received a mail from us
Answering the queries:-
1. Duration of Internship – 1 month i.e. 22 working days
2. Will there be specific training provided ? – Yes, we will provide a complete guideline
3. Can we start from next week or from a specific date ? Depends on availability of the openings
4. Will we be provided with equipments for video project? Yes
5. You will individually working on your assigned tasks
7. You will be provided with internship offer letter and completion certificate with fixed stipend(as specified in the email)
8.Final confirmation will be provided by 11th, we will have 1 hour induction in the weekend and then you can start from 14th june’21 – 14th July’21
9. For the content part – 4 articles, each article 5000 words and in total you will be covering 4 algorithms

If you have any queries, ping me on Linkedin – Nitin Kamal

Data Analyst Summer Internship
Link to fill the internship form

  • Only apply if you are in your 3rd or 4th year of graduation
  • Post-graduate students please do not apply. There will be another internship for PG students
  • There are around 40 topics in the form below, choose only 5 topics in which you are comfortable with or can learn in quick time
  • Try to select uncommon topics 😛
  • It’s a fixed stipend internship and all the details will be mailed to you once your topics are shortlisted
  • There is nothing like Tier I/II/III college, if you got the knowledge, surely give a shot
  • Only Python
  • If you are interested, explore this website and provide feedback (Though your selection will not depend on this parameter but a couple of good ideas might push the application).
    Create a couple of good questions and share the link with the sample article
  • One month long internship starting as early as you can start

How will we choose the candidates?

1. Based on your selected topics we will contact you with duration and stipend of the internship
2. Based on a sample article on any of the selected topic, we will hire you

Reach out to for any questions

Data Analyst Summer Internship

About TheDataMonkGrand Master

I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 6+ years of analytics experience 3+ years at Mu Sigma 2 years at OYO 1 year and counting at The Data Monk I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Hello Sir,
    I am a master of data science student final year…I am interested in doing internship in data analysis/ data science.
    Kindly let me know if there are any opportunities for internship for PG students / any link where I can apply.

  2. I am very great full to get a chance for internship under your network.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I am a computer science engineering student 3rd year…I am interested in doing internship in data analysis.
    Kindly let me know if there are any opportunities for internship for UG students / any link where I can apply.
    Thanks sir,

  4. Tarika Bhondekar
    July 1, 2021 at 6:16 am

    Hello sir/madam,
    I have completed my BE(ECE). I want to join internship.
    Please give me this opportunity.

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