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What is data science? Why is it the sexiest job of 21st century?

The Sexiest Job of the 21st century i.e Data Science, is becoming a renowned job in the top MNC’s. Data is everywhere and is rapidly growing throughout the world!

What is Data Science?

The preparation, cleansing and analysis of data is what we call Data Science. Data science is the combination of statistics,programming, mathematics, problem solving and capturing data in numerous ways. To become a data scientist one must know the following skills;

-Python coding
-Hadoop platform
-SQL database/coding
-Working with unstructured data
-In-depth knowledge in SAS
-In-depth knowledge in R.

The pay scale of this job is huge and no one should miss a chance to bring it to their lives!  Data science will become a must have for enterprise companies looking to scale data science operations. The number of smart cities will continue to grow and the need for data science in the government will grow with it. These smart cities are making data available publicly to promote innovation. The intention behind these projects are to encourage engineers, scientists and policymakers to work together in order to improve life. From CCTV’s on the roads to the nodes on traffic signals- collect real time data on environment, infrastructure and activity. There are a lot more data present than your imagination but the one true fact is that most companies and also the government have come to see the importance of data science. Data science is not new, but it has gained a lot of attention and popularity in this century. thedatamonk.com brings you an opportunity by providing a book that will help you understand the concept of data science easily and also understand how to get a career through data science. The book’s name is ‘How to start a career in Data Science’ and is available on amazon for purchase. Here’s the link to the book

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