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Sapient Interview Question

Company Name – Sapient
Location –
Position – Assistant Manager Analytics
Salary – 12.5 LPA

Number of Rounds – 4 
Round 1 –
Telephonic (Python)
Round 2 –
Case Study and Guesstimate
Round 3 –
Project Discussion
Round 4 –
HR Round

Round 1 – Telephonic Round on Python

Questions were mostly around basic SQL syntax, RANKING function, and Query Optimization. Following were the questions

1. There is a column named as Title which contains two variable Mr. and Mrs.. Create a new column by replacing it with 0 for Mr. and 1 for Mrs.

2. Now use this column to count frequency of each title in the data set

3. Plot the same in a histogram or bar graph

4. Write a function to extract the title from Singh, Mr. Rahul

5. Name few functions which you use to find the overall dimension, summary, etc. of the data set.

6. How to get the number of unique values from a column. Say the column contains an alphabet for the associated tag

7. There are mainly three types of titles i.e. Mr, Miss, and Mrs. Take the column and put all the other titles in “Others” variable. This will contain Dr, Col, Sir, and Lady

8. A table has a column on Salary. This column contains few NAs, how to replace it with median?

9. Now there is one more column, Tag,  which holds the following values – A, S, D, F, and NAs. Replace the NAs with the maximum occurring value

10. Now you want to fill a column with a particular value, say ‘X’ in the NAs present in the tag

Round 2 – Case Study and Guesstimate

Guesstimate – Number of Maggi sold in a day in India
You can write your approach in the comment section. If you don’t know how to make a guesstimate, then here is a link

Case Study

Topic –
What would you prefer? A company which makes money or a company which serves humanity but makes very less money
You can write your approach in the comment section. Need help in Case Studies? Try the link below
Case Study

Round 3 – Project Discussion

My project was on Logistic Regression where I was supposed to decide which customer is likely to in-cash his/her insurance based on 50+ attributes of the customer.
Full interview question of this round is present in our book What do they ask in Top Data Science Interview Part 2: Amazon, Accenture, Sapient, Deloitte, and BookMyShow

Round 4 – HR Round

Not much, there were few questions on the interview process, the team you have previously worked with, the type of work environment in the previous organization, etc.

I got a call from the HR after 5 days about Salary negotiation

The complete interview with answer to each question is given in our ebook published on Amazon
What do they ask in Top Data Science Interview Part 2: Amazon, Accenture, Sapient, Deloitte, and BookMyShow

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