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OLA Data Analyst Interview | Day 28

Day 28 – OLA Data Analyst Interview Questions

The Ola Cabs are one of the leading Indian taxi service company. Being a large firm, it requires compilation of huge datasets.  It has even extended its market to countries like Australia and New Zealand. It makes difficult to handle and manage huge data and they are certainly recruiting finest Data Scientists.

OLA is famous for it’s variety of questions and Case Studies, you need to go through a lot of SQL, Statistics, R/Python and Case Studies.

OLA Data Analyst Interview Questions

OLA Data Analyst Interview

These questions will enhance your knowledge and help you to discover your weaknesses in various topics.

Round details are below

Round 1 – Telephonic Conversation
Round 2 – Walk-in/Face to Face
Round 3 – Project Analysis
Round 4 – Case Studies
Round 5 – Hiring Manager Round

Difficulty of Questions

SQL – 8/10 (Try to solve more interview questions from this website)
R/Python – 7/10 (Revise the basics of data structure, loop, casting, import export)
Statistics/ML – If there is a ML project on your resume then you can expect a good round on ML
Case Study – Basic, you can practice a lot of case studies and other statistics topics here –

OLA Interview Questions

Cross Validation Technique


Data Cleaning

Gradient Descent



Logistic Model

Biased Coin

Cox transformations


Try to solve these questions, other members will evaluate your answer and provide sufficient support.

Big Basket-
Swiggy –
Accenture –
Deloitte –
Amazon –
Myntra –
Box8 – Flipkart –
Affine Analytics –
JP Morgan

Data Science interview questions

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