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Moonfrog Data Science Interview Questions | Day 34

Day 34 – Moonfrog Data Science Interview Questions
Moonfrog Labs is a Bangalore based start-up that makes mobile-first games for masses. It was established in 2013 with a total funding of $16M.

Moonfrog concentrates a hell lot on Statistics and Machine Learning questions in the interviews. Do give it a shot in order to check your level of Data Science knowledge.

Definitely the best interview experience and questions for me

Moonfrog Data Science Interview Questions

Moonfrog Data Science Interview Questions

Location – Bangalore
Job Title – Data Scientist
Experience Required – 2-3 Years
Number of Rounds – 4 

This was one of those companies where the interview was to the point and statistics-heavy.

Round 1 – Open book SQL and/or R test

There were 10 SQL questions in 30 minutes and a separate section of R which was not mandatory to attempt for the role but added as an advantage in the further rounds.


There were 4 questions on R with the following topics:-
1. ggplot
2. Linear Regression implementation
3 and 4 – Table and Question below

Inflow Values

Round 2 – Case Study
The case study round was more about solving any real life business problem. I was asked about my hobbies and I answered with “playing Clash of Clans”, the case study topic :–

Case Study

Data Science Case Study

Home screen of Clash of CLans

This was a business case study, we had the discussion on the following points:-

1. Project the offer directly on the home page instead of clicking on the shop button
2. Put the price to buy elixir and gold near the collector(the pink and yellow images)
3. After every attack resulting in a loss, give an option to buy back the points
4. Get the country-wise data and see the most engaging time of the player and project the offers accordingly
5. Give a variable discount to the players on the basis of their day-to-day performance to allure them in buying coins on the day they performed well

It was a non-elimination and open-ended discussion. The following points were forwarded to the next round which received good feedback from the interviewer. You can think of many more questions

Round 3 – Technical Interview

This was a tough round, it lasted for 45 minutes and was heavily inclined towards conceptual statistics questions and confusing SQL queries. Following are the questions asked(memory based)

1. Normal Distribution
2. Statistics tests
4. p-value
5. Row Number
6. Differences
7. Probability
8. Cards
9. Online Games

Round 4 – HR and Leadership interview
Even this was a tough round to crack, there were people getting rejected after 2 hours of intensive last round. It was mostly around the mistakes you did in all the three previous rounds and some sound questions on Supervised Learning using either R or Python. You can go through the most asked Supervised Learning questions, link below

Supervised Learning interview questions

The HR round was cool, nothing fancy 🙂

Data Science Interview Questions

Try to solve these questions, other members will evaluate your answer and provide sufficient support.

Big Basket-
Swiggy –
Accenture –
Deloitte –
Amazon –
Myntra –
Flipkart –
BOX8 –
Zomato –
Oracle –

If you want any guidance or want to make a career in Data Science, then you can take a look on our proposed Data science path

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