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About TheDataMonk

TheDataMonk was started in June 2016 with two broad aims:-

1. To help engineering students(1st to 4th year) get into “the sexiest job of 21st century” – There is a scarcity of information on how to start as a data scientist.
2. To help people switch from any other domain to Data Science – Data science is not a new concept but with time it’s getting a lot of importance. Every other company is looking for a Data Scientist/Business Analyst. So, this website can help you get into Data Science
3. To help the present Data Scientist groom their skills – Learn, Unlearn and Relearn should be in the veins of a good data scientist.

Since June 2016,TheDataMonk has published 10+ books on Data Science, Big Data, SQL, R, Linear Regression, Web Analytics,  etc. The link is given below if you want to buy:-

a. 100 Questions to crack Data Science intervie

b. 100 Questions to crack Business Analyst Interview

c. 112 Questions to crack Business Analyst Interview using SQL

d. 100 Questions to learn R in 6 hours

e. How to start a career in Data Science

f.  Web Analytics – The way we do it

g. Top Interview questions and all about Adobe Analytics

h. Complete Analytical Project before Data Science Interview

i. Passion is a myth, Chase Opportunities 

Many more books to come.

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