Guesstimate 8 : How many red colour Swift cars are there in Delhi ?

Let’s start with the population of Delhi which is 2 Crores.

We will divide this population into two groups-

1. Family(80%) = 0.8*20000000 = 16000000 family members

2. Bachelors(Individuals) (20%) = 0.2*20000000 = 4000000

Number of families(assuming 4 members in each) = 16000000/4 = 4000000.

Guessing that 50% of families have cars, so the number of families with cars = 2000000.

In Delhi, we can assume that 25% of the families belong to high class society so they can afford 2 cars on an average and the rest can afford only one car.

Therefore number of cars with families 
= 0.25*2000000*2 + 0.75*2000000*1
= 2500000.

Now let’s say only 10% of the individual population can afford a single car.

Therefore, number of cars with individuals 
= 0.10*4000000
= 400000.
So the total number of cars in Delhi can be estimated as 
2500000+400000 = 2900000
which can be rounded of to 3000000 for simple calculations.

Since Maruti being the Indian market leaders in car sector so we can safely assume 50% of cars on the roads of Delhi are of Maruti, i.e., 1500000 cars.

Swift is one of the most common and affordable models along with Alto, WagonR, Omni and 800. So let’s assume there are 200000 Swifts.

White, silver, grey, black are the most common colors. So
75%(approx) of Swifts will be of these colors.

Now we are left with 50000 Swifts of different colors. Considering red, yellow, blue, maroon and orange as possible other colors,we can guess that there are nearly 10000 red Swifts in Delhi.

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