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Guesstimate 2 – How many laptops are sold in Bangalore in a day?

What is the number of laptops sold in Bangalore on an average routine day?

Laptop is a costly product. I am assuming that people buy laptop only when they needed. That’s why i am going to calculate potential market of laptops in India.
Total population of Bangalore = 18Mn ~ 20Mn

Let’s divide population on the basis of age
0–18 Yr – 30% of 20 Mn = 6 Mn -> We can neglect this age group because generally they don’t need personal laptop and when needed, they prefer to use others laptop.

19–22 Yr – 10% of 20 Mn = 2Mn -> 0.6*2 Mn -> 1.2 Mn (This is the college age group. Most of the college students need a laptop. Assumed 60% of them own a laptop)

22–50 Yr = 40% of 20 Mn = 8 Mn. 22-50 age group is the working class of the society. I have divided this class into 3 major categories.

White collar employees (25%)
Blue collar employees (50%)
Small business owners (25%)
Assumed 80% and 30% people in the category of white collar employees and Small business owners respectively own a laptop or PC. We can neglect blue collar employees.

80% white collar own a laptop or PC -> 1.6 Mn
Small business owners own laptops or PC -> 0.6 Mn

50–80 Yr = 20% = 4 Mn -> we can ignore this age group

Total laptop + PC users in Bangalore = 1.2+1.6+.6= 2.4 Mn

Corporate offices/Schools/Computer centers generally have desktop. Lets assume 60% are desktops.
Laptops = 40% -> 0.9 Mn

Average life of a laptop = 5 year ( in India )

Number of sold per day in Bangalore = 0.9 Mn/ 365*5 ~ 500 laptops

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