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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 9

Barron’s 800 most frequent words are one of the best consolidated list of words which is asked/referred in GRE/GMAT.
Also, this is a personal practice. You can DEFINITELY comment your way of learning a particular word 🙂

Let’s start Day 9 with some easy words and we will

221. celestial – concerned with sky

Simple hai, celestial bodies are stars, moons, etc.

222.cartography – science of making maps

What could be an easier word where the word itself says graphy i.e. a subset of geography which has to do with maps, and I am awesome

223. carnal – related to sexual desires

Have you ever tried ??
It’s a website where people with Carnal desire meets.

224. Cardinal – of utmost importance

Ye sab word yaad krna main mujhe personally jyada problem hota hai.
Google main v kuch jyada “important” nai diya hai cardinal ke baare main.

Do comment anyone, may be I can learn

225. clairvoyant – one who can predict the future

Today is the 10th day of lock-down due to Corona virus. Friends in my facebook group were commenting on the old pics of each other

There was one guy who had posted a picture of Dhoni and Sangakara holding the WorldCup trophy together, a day before the Finale. My friend put a caption ‘Sangakara holding the trophy for the last time’ meaning that India will win the WC

Someone today commented,’Clairvoyant’

226. causal – involving a cause

Ease has, much like cartography

227. commensurate – proportional or similar

One suggestion – When you are planning to learn 800 words in a span of 15-20 days, then you need to have an eye for the patterns in the words.

Here, I can see common hidden in the word commensurate, by common I will refer to something which is common in measurement i.e. proportional

Yahi krna hai bhailog, kripa bani rhegi 😛

228. dupe – to trick

What happens when you are doped? You are vulnerable to be tricked

229. disinterested – not biased or neutral

230. uninterested – bored

Look for the difference in the above words, you would always want to have a disinterested judge in your case
You are uninterested in a Maths class

231. doctrinaire – dogmatic; orthodox

The doctrinaire economic policy

232. efficacy – efficiency

Prove your efficacy by learning all the words today. Look close to the word, eye-to-eye, you can see efficiency hiding under the hood of efficacy.

233. flourish – an embellishment or ornamentation

To flourish is to very good at something,
embellishment is also there in Barron 800 which means to decorate something.
can you see the word ‘bell’? Now imagine a christmas tree where you hang big bells, that is embellishment

234.harangue – long, angry speech, tirade;

They were subjected to a ten-minute harangue by two policemen when they were caught roaming outside during Corona lock-down

235. gustatory – affecting the sense of taste

You want to know how a gustatory person looks like?

This cutie-pie is happy while having a lemon..Ewwww!!

236. futile – bekaaar; useless

The idea of cooking Pizza on a pan proved to be a futile activity.
The idea of opening the innings by Hardik Pandya was a futile idea

237. indolent – habitually lazy; idle

Hindi ahead – Nitin bina kaam ke hilna dulna bhi nai chahta tha i.e. Nitin was so lazy that he did not even wish to move without purpose

Ambani kids are indolent to the pleasure of life

238. incorporate – to add something into another thing which already exist

IT Employee?
Please incorporate the changes discussed over the call

239. implode – explode, but in inner direction

Opposite of explode

240. penchant – inclination

If you are an avid reader then you would have come across this word multiple times. And you have a penchant for reading

241. oscillate – to move back and forth

Easyy fizzy, also remember vacillate also means and sounds the same

242. ostentatious – showy; pretentious

Ostentatious is such a difficult word that if I listen someone using this word I would definitely say that he himself is ostentatious

243. paean – song of joy

Then what was the song of sorrow?
BC mujhe bhi yaad nai hai..let me think…eulogy?
I looked into the sheet to find that I was close but not correct, eulogy means toasting something about the dead.

Dirge is the song of the funeral

I swear I did not look into the sheet, Good work there, Nitin 🙂

244. paucity – scarcity

What was the use of having two words in English with the same meaning and almost the same pronunciation. Paucity and scarcity, vacillate and oscillate, Ram and Shyam and Babu Bhaiya

245. Placate – Soothing;Pacify

Yaar there are at least few more words which are similar in meaning like mollify, alleviate(make less severe)

His presence placated the tense atmosphere. Woooo that was subtle 😛

246. permeable – penetrable

Easy being a science student

247. Placid – Calm

This is one deadly word, placid looks nothing like calm 😛

Placid is like extremely chill insaan, kuch v ho that person will look placid
Example – Dhoni

248. porous – Full of holes

Too easy to discuss

249. plutocracy – society ruled by the wealthy

Pluto is the planet of wealth, cracy comes from democracy i.e. the ruler
The above is a work of imagination, just learn the word 😛

250. quagmire – difficult situation

We are in a quagmire against Corona 🙁

Keep Learning 🙂

Target 330

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